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Year 6 Camp at Emu Gully

By Year 6 student, Saoirse Craig-Daly Tuesday morning came, luggage was packed inside the bus and Year 6 was ready to go! Emu Gully awaited! Four days and some sleepless nights of excitement for the next adventures ahead. On Year 6 Camp, we all put in effort to overcome challenges that were assigned for us […]

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Excursion to the Ginger Factory

We are thrilled to share the wonderful experiences our Year 3 students had on their recent excursion to the Ginger Factory! It was a day filled with learning, exploration, and lots of fun. The journey began with an enjoyable bus ride to Yandina, where anticipation was high among the students. Upon arrival at the Ginger

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Year 1 Raw Art Incursion

On Tuesday 30 April, Year 1 had a very exciting Incursion with Raw Art. Lorian, an amazing artist, led the students in a hands-on exploration of sculpting with clay and designing different symbols that represent our ever-changing weather. Year 1 has been learning all about the weather in Kitchen Garden with Mr Simmonds and this

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Learning Spotlight on Digital Skills in the Primary Classroom

In today’s digital age, equipping students with essential digital skills is important to their academic and future success. At GCC, we recognise the value of integrating technology into the primary classroom to prepare our students for the ever-evolving digital landscape. One-to-one device initiatives have revolutionised teaching and learning, offering students opportunities to develop digital literacy

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SCIPHA Day of Excellence

On Tuesday 13 February a group of Year 6 students attended a SCIPHA Immersion Day, hosted by Matthew Flinders Anglican College. The opportunity brought like-minded students from various schools together for a Design Thinking Sprint. Students were tasked with innovating a real-life solution that could aid a visually impaired student navigate a school visit. Working

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Nurturing Compassion

 A Tale of Seven Compassion Children and Generosity Compassion has been serving children living in poverty since 1952. Today, Compassion is transforming the lives of more than 2 million children around the world through more than 12 international partner country offices. More than 120,000 of these children are currently supported through Compassion Australia. The Child

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PJ Day A Great Success!

Last Friday, despite the chilly weather, the Primary School embraced warmth and comfort as students came dressed in their cozy PJs. Their generosity shone brightly through donations of socks, underwear, and tea towels for Sonshine Sanctuary, an organization based on the Sunshine Coast that supports families in need of swift relocation. We are proud to

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Year 1 Celebration Party

In week 10, Year 1 students and teachers hosted a celebration party for the Year 7 students. There was great anticipation in the lead-up to the party and the students were very excited to see their buddy from Prep. In class, our Year 1 students had worked hard to create invitations using PicCollage, party hats,

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Building Resilience: Empowering our Children for Life’s Challenges

Resilience is a crucial life skill that equips our young ones with the tools to navigate through challenges, setbacks, and adversity with courage and determination. By fostering resilience, we can empower our children to become confident individuals who are well-prepared to face the ever-changing world around them. At Glasshouse, we promote many activities and opportunities

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Child Care Subsidy Update

We are writing to share an important update regarding changes to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) that may impact your family. The Australian government has recently implemented new reforms aimed at enhancing support for families accessing childcare services. As part of these reforms, we would like to draw your attention to the information provided by

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Happy Mother’s Day

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, I want to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation for all that you do as mums for your own children but also as mums of the school community. Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world, yet you make it look so effortless and

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Year 6 Emu Gully Camp

Last Tuesday morning, Year 6 set off for three nights at Emu Gully Adventure Camp. We had four days packed with awesome activities, marvellous missions and tremendous trials. On Year 6 Camp, we faced many challenges we had to overcome. Luckily, we had an entire team of people to help us get through it. It

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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Peter and Cholena Hughes, our local indigenous artists came to speak to the Year 4 students about their indigenous culture.  Our students also got to handle didgeridoos, spears, axes, and clapping sticks.   Afterwards, Peter and Cholena gave each class an ochre workshop, where they learned how to obtain the ochre powder by rubbing the rocks.

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Year 4 Camp 2023

There was a great buzz and excitement that permeated through the air last Wednesday as the year 4 cohort left the College premises to experience the challenges, wonders and delights of camp life and food at Luther Heights Youth Camp. Some of the main highlights of the camp included: body boarding, zip lining, rogaining, building

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Primary Music Lunchtime Concert

At our school, music is more than just a subject on the curriculum – it’s a vibrant and exciting program that gets kids involved in playing, performing, and participating in choirs and school ensembles. Our music program offers opportunities for students of all ages and abilities to learn new skills, build confidence, and have fun

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Primary Captains for 2023

As we welcomed our students back to the start of another school year, on Wednesday this week we had the privilege to induct our Primary School Leaders for 2023. They have been challenged to be ‘Courageous’ leaders and I am confident that they will embody this quality as they serve as role models and guides

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 Significant 72 Year 4

The year 4 cohort had a ‘flying start’ to the term including the ultimate paper aeroplane competition.  Students worked in teams of four where each student chose to make a paper plane that would fly in a target round (hitting the target), hangtime round (the plane that stayed in the air the longest), accuracy (the plane

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Teddy Bear’s Picnic

It has been delightful to welcome the new group of Preps at GCC. They are settling into school life beautifully in their shiny new shoes and crisp uniforms. Starting at “big school” can sometimes be daunting for Preppies, so it was extra special to bring a treasured friend to Prep for a day in the first week of

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Live with graceful generosity

Someone described generosity as being like a heartbeat. It is involuntary. It happens without conscious thought. It is the “without a second thought” showing love to another. A generous person lives a lifestyle of generosity. A lifestyle is defined as the habits, attitudes, moral standards and actions that make up a person’s manner of living.

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Primary Compassion Day

What a fantastic day we had on Wednesday to support Compassion! This year we have introduced a Compassion student into every year level in our Primary school. Each of these children are treated like “one of the class” and moves up to the next year level with the cohort. Students at GCC have a great

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Middle School Experience Day

This year’s Middle School Experience Day was a blast of fun. We had the opportunity to experience what school will be like in Year 7. It consisted of various activities, including dance, science, music, food tech, PE, pastoral care and a navigation activity called ‘Where’s What?’ where Year 6 students had clues about places they

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Year 2 Art Incursion

As part of this term’s Design Technology and Science units, Year 1 students participated in an art incursion by Reverse Garbage. In Science, this term students have been learning about sound and how this is made through vibrations. Students were thrilled to have the opportunity to create their very own instrument. They learned about how

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Champions of Chess

We have finished off another bumper year of chess challenges at GCC and we even managed to squeeze in one more inter-school competition this term! Two teams of primary students and one team of secondary students competed at the St Columban’s Invitational Chess Competition. This competition attracted many schools from the Moreton Bay area. All

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Fire Brigade visit to Year 1

On Thursday, Year 1 students had a visit from some of our local firefighters, Greg and Michael. Students listened to an interactive educational talk where they were taught how to:  Call 000 for help and be reminded of the importance of knowing their home address. What to do if for some reason you catch on

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Keep them safe

On Friday we will all wear something red as we remember Daniel Morcombe but it will also be a time, with Halloween coming up and the events that surround this practice, that it is important to be careful of our safety especially when we are placed in unfamiliar surroundings and situations. For our Primary students,

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Primary News

We have had a great start to the term and have enjoyed a wonderful Primary Swimming Carnival, a spectacular display of dance with the Primary Dance troupe performing a number of outstanding routines at the College Dance night, an author visit and excellent support for Operation Christmas Child. There was a tower of boxes in

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Year 4 Geology

Last Friday the Year 4 students undertook a geology trip to Kings Beach Caloundra, led by Dr Taz Walker and Scott Devlin from Creation Ministries. The students learned about and discovered the different types of rock formations: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Yar 4 students also learned and gathered information to find erosion and weathering

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Year 6 Writing Success

After an inspirational writing immersion day at St Andrew’s Anglican College, two aspiring Year 6 writers were encouraged to enter the Hinterland Times Young Writer of the Year Competition. This is a particularly tough competition as it attracts strong writers from around the coast and hinterland region each year, with entrants between the ages of

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Celebrating Primary Success

In our assembly this week we were able to celebrate a large number of primary students who have been busy challenging themselves in several gruelling competitions this semester.  In August, a group of 28 students from Years 3 to 6 were nominated by their teachers to participate in the Prime Minister’s Spelling Beet. The Spelling

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Fun flies with Legacy Cup

We have a massive couple of days in Primary these coming weeks! Legacy Cup event Wednesday, SCISSA Gala Day Thursday, Wildlife Warriors Day on Friday and then Colour Run next week. Crazy fun to end the term! On Wednesday we had our Legacy Cup event for Term 3, which was old-school “Ball Games”. We had

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Let’s celebrate dads

It was wonderful to see so many dads and grandads at our special Father’s Day breakfast this week. Thank you to all who managed to share the morning with us. The children loved having you at school and there were some teary goodbyes when you had to leave.  Did you know that the first Father’s

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Year 5 Camp

This last week Year 5 journeyed north to Maranatha Recreation Camp, Boulder Creek to experience some exciting outdoor adventure challenges. Students used teamwork skills to create rope bridges, rafts, orienteering and also support one another as they climbed the Tower of Tremble.  They overcame their fears as they completed the high ropes challenge and hurled

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Wild HeART Student Art Competition 

Last term students in Prep to Year 6 had the opportunity to enter the Sunshine Coast Council Wild HeART Student Art Competition. To enter, students created an artwork depicting Australian native flora and fungi, Australian native fauna and threatened species. There were many wonderful entries from Glasshouse Christian College, including water-colouring paintings of koalas and cockatoos, detailed drawings of echidnas and

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Building teacher capacity

As a teaching team, we have recently had the opportunity to work with Anna Korab, our writing consultant from Melbourne and we are looking forward to working with Hilton Ayrey, our reading consultant from New Zealand, at the end of the month. Anna worked with teachers across five teams and also ran the staff meeting

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