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Year 6 Camp at Emu Gully

  • May 9, 2024

Year 6 Camp at Emu Gully

By Year 6 student, Saoirse Craig-Daly

Tuesday morning came, luggage was packed inside the bus and Year 6 was ready to go! Emu Gully awaited! Four days and some sleepless nights of excitement for the next adventures ahead.

On Year 6 Camp, we all put in effort to overcome challenges that were assigned for us to face. Everyone used mateship and encouragement to help each other through the activities. Year 6 also had to use courage to conquer their fears, and perseverance and self-sacrifice to help others who needed assistance to finish activities like the tunnels, the undelightful mud and other missions. All the challenges at Emu Gully represented those faced by Aussies in different wars who used self-sacrifice for their country. We learnt to socialise with new people and we made sure we helped people who got stuck in a mission, with no one left behind.

Here are some quotes from people in Year 6 who faced their challenges with pride:

“I was a bit claustrophobic in the tunnels at first, but my team helped me overcome my fear.” – Pippa Lawrence.

“The mud pit was a great way of showing teamwork and self-sacrifice to help each other make it.” – Hannah Rae.

“The slide after the mud got me afraid because it was shallow at the bottom and was on a mountain.” – Violet Kelly

“I got stuck on a log on the Western Front!” – Dominic Unwin

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety HERE.

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