Primary Music Lunchtime Concert - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary Music Lunchtime Concert

  • March 16, 2023

Primary Music Lunchtime Concert

At our school, music is more than just a subject on the curriculum – it’s a vibrant and exciting program that gets kids involved in playing, performing, and participating in choirs and school ensembles. Our music program offers opportunities for students of all ages and abilities to learn new skills, build confidence, and have fun while doing it.

Last week, a small lunchtime concert was held in the JUA area, led by the primary performing arts captains Allegra Cheal and Oscar Landrie. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their musical talents while enjoying a relaxing lunch break with their peers.

We congratulate all performers: Elijah Macpherson from 4G, Erin Dickens and Byron Lange from 6W, Zara Smith and Chelsea Evans from 5W, Ashley Landrie from 3M, and Serena Cheal from 4G. 

The lunchtime concert was a huge success. The students showed off their musical talents, learned from each other, and had fun in the process. It is inspiring to see how music can bring people together and create a sense of community.

Renat Yusupov, Primary Music Teacher

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