History - Glasshouse Christian College


Glasshouse Christian College is a ministry of the Glasshouse Country Baptist Church (GCBC) in Beerwah. The College opened on the 31 January 2000 with 16 children and is now a thriving Sunshine Coast Christian school with approximately 1100 students.

GCBC church elders had been praying for some time to establish a Sunshine Coast Christian school but didn’t have the land. A retired missionary from India, Miss Emily Lord, had a vision that the land would be in Roberts Road, Beerwah. At the time this seemed impossible as the land belonged to the council and was not for sale. Soon after the land became available for sale and Glasshouse Country Baptist Church was able to purchase it. The church people gave up weekends to clear the land and put in the first small demountable building that housed the whole school. This building is still on the campus and is now called ‘B’ Block. Twenty years later and God has blessed the College with more than 100 modern classrooms and amazing facilities.

Year 2000 - From humble beginnings
facilities from the sky 2019

Every year our College sees exciting growth and we are committed to ensuring that our school is constantly developing and growing into the future. You can see the College Master Plan on our Facilities page.

Glasshouse Christian College is very blessed to be situated in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland within the friendly township of Beerwah.

The College is dedicated to the pursuit of academic, cultural and sporting excellence while providing a safe and caring community for children to flourish through high-quality independent Christian schooling. What sets us apart from other Sunshine Coast Christian schools is our commitment to keeping our school fees extremely affordable for families.

The staff of our College are committed Christians dedicated to providing the very best education for the students in their care. They see their role as more of a calling than just a job or vocation. From this flows their commitment to providing high-quality Christian school education for your children.

A journey from 1998 - 2020

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