Year 3-6 - Glasshouse Christian College

Upper Primary
Year 3 - Year 6

Upper Primary School, Years 3-6 classes provide a stimulating environment with a continued emphasis on literacy and numeracy and higher order thinking. Extra-curricular activities and leadership opportunities provide a broad base for students to discover additional areas of interest or gifting.

Specialist teachers provide programs in Physical Education, French, Dance, Drama and Music. Every student in Year 3 participates in the Smart Strings Violin program and in Year 5 students are provided with the musical instrument of their choice and weekly tuition to participate in the Year 5 Band program. Concert band, chorus, dance and interschool sport are also offered.

French (4)
College Dedication (4)


A variety of opportunities are provided for Year 3-6 students to become leaders. These positions include Primary Captains, House Captains, Student Council Representatives, Performing Arts Captains and Faith Captain. In addition to these positions, every Year 6 student has the opportunity to become a Primary Leader by contributing to College life through service activities. At Glasshouse Christian College students are encouraged to desire leadership positions and it is recognised that this journey brings great personal growth for them as an individual.

Christian Living

Glasshouse Christian College encourages positive attitudes and develops healthy minds in an educational environment where biblical values underpin everything done. The College believes that every child has value in God’s eyes and provides education in the Christian faith where students have the opportunity to come to know Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and learn about God’s word and how it relates to their lives.

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