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Excursion to the Ginger Factory

  • May 9, 2024

Excursion to the Ginger Factory

We are thrilled to share the wonderful experiences our Year 3 students had on their recent excursion to the Ginger Factory! It was a day filled with learning, exploration, and lots of fun.

The journey began with an enjoyable bus ride to Yandina, where anticipation was high among the students. Upon arrival at the Ginger Factory, the students were greeted with enthusiasm and excitement as they prepared to delve into the world of bees and honey.

At the heart of the excursion was a fascinating exploration of the beehive, where students learned all about the incredible life of bees, the production of honey, and the versatile uses of beeswax products. Witnessing the colony of bees at work was a truly mesmerizing experience for all.

Throughout the day, students were split into three rotations, each offering unique opportunities for discovery. They embarked on a thrilling boat ride around the world, where they eagerly searched for the elusive gingerbread man amidst enchanting sights. The beehive rotation provided a closer look at the intricate workings of the hive, deepening their understanding of these remarkable creatures. Additionally, students explored the Zog trail, immersing themselves in nature and uncovering hidden treasures along the way.

We are delighted to report that our Year 3 students exhibited exemplary behaviour throughout the excursion. They demonstrated respect, curiosity, and enthusiasm, making the most of every moment and actively engaging in the learning experiences provided.

As educators, it was truly rewarding to witness the excitement and joy on the faces of our students as they embraced new knowledge and embarked on adventures together. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the staff and volunteers who made this memorable excursion possible.

We look forward to more enriching experiences in the future as we continue to nurture the curiosity and thirst for knowledge within our students.

GCC Parents can see all the photos on Pixevety HERE.

Maryke Van Eck, Year 3 Team Leader

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