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“The Play’s the Thing” W.Shakespeare

  • June 19, 2023

“The Play’s the Thing” W.Shakespeare

Learning through play, playing at learning and learning roles to become more fluent French speakers, has been the theme throughout this term in Primary French.

The Prep Students have re-enacted the story of ‘Boucles d’Or et Les Trois Ours’ with puppets as well as learning songs about numbers, colours and Mr Potato Head!

The Year 1 students have learnt about the weather in French acting out the different meteorological elements, learning through singing ‘Araignée Gypsie’ (Incy Wincy Spider), then there has been a natural progression onto discussing the rain endured in the Old Testament and we have been singing ‘L’arche de Noé’ (Noah’s Arc), and learning all the animals that are mentioned in our song.  And naturally, we have perfected a song about the rainbow in French, as it was God’s promise to us after the flooding.

Year 2 students have been introducing their families creating family trees with the leaves representing each and every member of their family. The students then recorded their explanations of their own family, remembering to try to use the correct form of the possessive pronoun, either ‘mon’ or ‘ma’, depending upon whom they were talking about!

Year 3 students have been creating their own profiles, or self-portraits, describing themselves, and including their own nationalities.  Have a look at the portraits and see if you can recognise the students!  I was impressed with the artistry as well as the French.

Year 4 students have been acting out ‘ Les Trois Petits Cochons’ and videoing their plays in groups of five.  There was great enthusiasm from the wolves blowing the houses down!  The students relished being under the ‘stage lights’ as well as acting out all the verbs within this topic, although ‘tomber’ (falling down) was indeed the favourite!

Year 5 students acted out scenarios of being ill ‘At the Doctor’s’  and then continued using the formal address to move on to creating their own adverts, some pupils choosing to advertise their own family businesses in French.  We live in a global society and this shows how relevant their classroom French will be in their future lives in the ‘World of Work’

Finally, Year 6 put on a super performance of ‘Blanche Neige et les Sept Nains’ for the Open Day. A great day was had by all, and the popularity of the event was such that we had to split up the parts, having two Snow Whites in the end!  Every pupil took part in the play with class time as well.  Surveying the pupils on their enjoyment of this topic resulted in this being repeated in the next session!

Let us play, let us play let us play…………….

Bonnes Vacances!

Madame Fletcher, Primary French Teacher

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