Year 4 Camp 2023 - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 4 Camp 2023

  • March 16, 2023

Year 4 Camp 2023

There was a great buzz and excitement that permeated through the air last Wednesday as the year 4 cohort left the College premises to experience the challenges, wonders and delights of camp life and food at Luther Heights Youth Camp.

Some of the main highlights of the camp included: body boarding, zip lining, rogaining, building catapults and the koala climb.   Splattered throughout the camp were opportunities for problem-solving and team games that not only enabled each student to work together as teams but also helped to develop confidence and resilience in our students. Furthermore, new friendships were made and existing friendships strengthened.   

Mr Coleman from 4M commented that one of his highlights was “seeing all students getting their feet wet and some trying bodyboarding for the first time, so much so that they wanted to buy one”. 

Camps are only as successful when everybody involved puts in 100 percent effort.  A shout-out goes to all the staff at Luther Heights Youth Camp, our wonderful Year 4 students and all the eight staff members from GCC who attended the camp.

Here are some of the lovely comments made by our students about what they enjoyed.

“Getting to make new friends.”
“Going on the Zipline.”
“Finally getting some sleep in the nighttime.” 
“I loved the dessert the cooks served especially the chocolate ice cream with yummy chocolate mousse and ice cream with marshmallows at the bottom of the cone!
“My friends riding on the waves.”
“I really liked the food – nachos for lunch it felt like a dream.”
“Honestly I loved doing everything it was all really fun but I wished I could do the flying fox 1 more time at least.”
I’ve learnt to be a team with everyone and be a good learner and especially be nice.”  
“We laughed and we smiled .”
“Luther Heights is a great place to go for school camp. You get delicious food for breakfast lunch and dinner. It’s the perfect place to have fun and hang out with friends. Luther Heights is the best camp ever!

GCC Families can see all the photos on Pixevety here.

Desley Maciejewski, Year 4 Team Leader 

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