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 Significant 72 Year 4

  • January 31, 2023

 Significant 72 Year 4

The year 4 cohort had a ‘flying start’ to the term including the ultimate paper aeroplane competition.  Students worked in teams of four where each student chose to make a paper plane that would fly in a target round (hitting the target), hangtime round (the plane that stayed in the air the longest), accuracy (the plane that landed down the middle of a lane)  and distance round (the plane that flew the longest distance). It was a very close and tightly knit contest between each of the three classes with 4M coming first;  followed closely behind by 4W and 4G! 

It was a great way to start 2023.  It was full of fun, games, team building games, sharing stories and learning about one another.  On behalf of the year 4 team it is a privilege to have such a wonderful and marvellous cohort of young people in year 4 for 2023. 

Desley Maciejewski, Team Leader

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