Year 2 Art Incursion - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 2 Art Incursion

  • November 14, 2022

Year 2 Art Incursion

As part of this term’s Design Technology and Science units, Year 1 students participated in an art incursion by Reverse Garbage.

In Science, this term students have been learning about sound and how this is made through vibrations. Students were thrilled to have the opportunity to create their very own instrument. They learned about how we can reduce, reuse and recycle and explored the different ways to produce sounds by manipulating and using a combination of salvaged materials. They were taught simple assemblage techniques and explored ways to produce pitch and rhythm patterns from their handmade instruments. 

Amy Eskdale, Year 2 Team Leader

You can see all the photos HERE (without going via Pixevety)

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