Primary Compassion Day - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary Compassion Day

  • November 14, 2022

Primary Compassion Day

What a fantastic day we had on Wednesday to support Compassion! This year we have introduced a Compassion student into every year level in our Primary school. Each of these children are treated like “one of the class” and moves up to the next year level with the cohort. Students at GCC have a great time writing letters to their Compassion friends and learning about what life is like for them in the Philippines.

On Wednesday, we were raising money so that we could sponsor them over the Christmas break, as well as be able to have enough money to send over an additional Christmas blessing.

Our Pizza and Popper party was a huge success with over 500 students ordering.

That meant we went and picked up 128 pizzas and then distributed them in 15 minutes! It was utter madness for that period but everyone was very happy!

Our Primary SRC did a fantastic job of organising all the pizzas and handing them out to the students.

Well done to our community for getting behind this worthy cause!

You can see all the photos HERE without going via Pixevety.

Adrian Ford, Assistant Head of Primary – Upper Primary

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