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Year 5 Explores Gympie Gold Mine and Historical Museum

  • June 7, 2023

Year 5 Explores Gympie Gold Mine and Historical Museum

It was an exciting and educational day for our Year 5 students as they embarked on a remarkable journey to the Gympie Gold Mine and Historical Museum. The trip was filled with captivating experiences and valuable lessons that enriched their understanding of history and local heritage.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the opportunity to learn about gold and try their hands at gold panning. Under the guidance of knowledgeable experts, the students discovered the techniques of this age-old pursuit. With their pans in hand, they sifted through sand and gravel, hoping to uncover a glimmer of the precious metal. It was a thrilling experience that brought history to life and taught them about the significance of gold mining in Gympie’s past.

Speaking of gold mining, the students delved further into this topic as they explored many aspects of the Gympie Gold Mine. They learned about the hardships and challenges faced by the miners of yesteryears. They discovered the various tools and machinery used in the mining process, gaining a profound understanding of the arduous labour that went into extracting the precious metal.

Students took a trip to Calico Creek State School, a historical site that provided a glimpse into the lives of early Australian school children. The students eagerly explored the well-preserved classroom, where they sat at the old wooden desks and imagined what it must have been like to learn in ancient times.

Overall, the trip to the Gympie Gold Mine and Historical Museum was an incredible educational adventure for our Year 5 students. It provided them with a firsthand experience of history and local heritage. We are immensely grateful to the museum staff and volunteers for their informative and engaging presentations, which made the day truly unforgettable.

You can see lots of the photos HERE.

Kailah Cuckson, Year 5 Team Leader

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