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SCIPHA Day of Excellence

  • May 23, 2024

SCIPHA Day of Excellence

On Wednesday 8 May a group of Year 5 students attended a SCIPHA Immersion Day, hosted by Pacific Lutheran College. The opportunity brought like-minded students from various schools across the Sunshine Coast together for an engineering workshop. The day focussed on understanding forces in motion and using a range of mechanisms to design and create future innovations. 

Ivy, Lois, Elijah and Amelie report on their experience:

We learnt all about tensegrity, which is a mix between tension and integrity. A really good example of tensegrity is if you stretch a piece of rope in two different directions, because of the way it is twisted, it is almost impossible to break. We made a tensegrity ball out of dowels and rubber bands by stretching the rubber bands over the dowels. We also made a lego tensegrity structure with partners from various schools.  In another task, we were given blank puzzles that had been created by a laser. We were able to build them and draw a picture on them to make a jigsaw puzzle. This task was really fun and challenging. It was great having the chance to meet people from different schools and making new friends. On the whole it was an extremely enjoyable and inspiring experience.

Lisa Allum, High Potential Development Coordinator

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