SCIPHA Day of Excellence - Glasshouse Christian College

SCIPHA Day of Excellence

  • February 29, 2024

SCIPHA Day of Excellence

On Tuesday 13 February a group of Year 6 students attended a SCIPHA Immersion Day, hosted by Matthew Flinders Anglican College. The opportunity brought like-minded students from various schools together for a Design Thinking Sprint. Students were tasked with innovating a real-life solution that could aid a visually impaired student navigate a school visit. Working in teams, students used human-centred design thinking methodology to ideate, empathise, design and create a prototype as a potential solution to the given problem.

Hannah Rae reports on her experience:

I really enjoyed the different ways we were taught to do Design Thinking and the fact that we were pushed to make our ideas big and wild. I liked making new friends from different schools and sharing and building on each other’s ideas.  I am inspired to think that we can make a difference in the community and people’s lives and solve problems if we think outside the box and work together. The SCIPHA Immersion Day was an opportunity for us to do this and I am glad my friends and I had the opportunity to attend this day.

You can see all the photos HERE.

Lisa Allum, High Ability Students Coordinator (P-9)

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