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Year 6 Emu Gully Camp

  • May 8, 2023

Year 6 Emu Gully Camp

Last Tuesday morning, Year 6 set off for three nights at Emu Gully Adventure Camp. We had four days packed with awesome activities, marvellous missions and tremendous trials. On Year 6 Camp, we faced many challenges we had to overcome. Luckily, we had an entire team of people to help us get through it. It was a struggle, but our grade is strong, and we knew we had to encourage each other to complete our various tasks. 

Almost everyone at camp had at least one fear they had to face. Here are some students’ fears that they conquered: 

“Jumping off the high tower,” Makayla Clare, Byron Lange.
“Being claustrophobic in the tunnels,” Charlie Lindquist.
“Not being able to see what’s ahead of me in the tunnels,” Sophie Cosgrove.
“Crossing the unstable bridge over the water,” Harriet Smyth.
“Getting around the obstacles in the tunnel with my moon boot,” Ben Mego. 

Teamwork was probably the most important part of the challenges at the Year 6 camp. Being patient, helping others and encouraging our teammates was vital in these activities because if we didn’t do these things we would never have completed our missions. We were all trying to get each other across the obstacles without getting any casualties.

One of the group leaders said “No one left behind!” The reason they said this was because all of the activities were based on the soldiers’ struggles during different wars, and how the Aussies never left their mates behind even if they were dying or badly injured. We all helped each and every one of our teammates complete our missions with huge success.

You can see some of the photos HERE and GCC families can see all of the photos HERE on Pixevety.

Erin Dickens, Harriet Smyth and Allegra Cheal, Year 6 students

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