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Unforgettable Moments: Year 11 students’ all-time favourite memories

  • May 8, 2023

Unforgettable Moments: Year 11 students’ all-time favourite memories

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 18 years since I was in Year 11 in 2005. I remember feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the constant workload, with no end in sight. Looking back, the 18 remaining months until graduation may have seemed like a short time, but it certainly felt like an eternity.

It feels soooo long ago: James Follett in Year 11, 2005.

As part of our pastoral care program this term, we asked our Year 11 students to reflect on their favourite memories so far at GCC, and I had the pleasure of reading their responses this week. It was heartwarming to hear their stories and see how much they’ve grown since they first arrived.

For some of the students who have been at our school for a long time, it was hard for them to narrow down their favourite memory. From school trips to sports events and everything in between, they’ve created so many wonderful memories over the years. I have included a select few below, along with the picture they personally picked to capture their memory.

Name: Mackenzie Godwin
How long have you been at GCC: Since Prep

My favourite memory was going to Sydney for a troupe dance in 2019. Mr Follett got us chicken nuggets from Maccas. A seagull also stole a cheeseburger out of Maddie’s mouth. It was the best trip. I hope one day I can go back again. 

Name: Ruby Pettingill
How long have you been at GCC: Since Year 9

My favourite memory would be the Year 11 camp raft building because I won. During the race, I swam in the gross pond water and tied the rope to my lifejacket and beat everyone back. We won easily. Lara even got to be a princess and sit on the raft and look cool.

Name: Laeni Rees
How long you’ve been at GCC: Since Year 2

My favourite memory is the ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ musical because it was very fun and I got to do what I love with the people I love (even though I was an oompa loompa… best role ever). The environment was just so lovely and exciting on the closing show, and there was so much connection to the cast – Like a big family. 

Name: Joshua Ramke
How long you’ve been at GCC: Since Prep

My favourite memory of school was the Year 9 Dinner Dance because it was a very fun night and we got free food. It was so good to hang out with my friends and to have a fun time. Hopefully our Grade 12 formal can be as good as that night.

Name: Grace Palmer
How long have you been at GCC:  Since Prep

My favourite memory from Glasshouse was Mission Trip 2022. We went to Agnus Water and hung out with the kids. We planned different activities to do with them at their church and school. We all became close friends on the trip and had an amazing time. On Saturday we had a break and went to the Great Barrier Reef. I had such a fun time and I hope that we have built friendships that will last a lifetime.

As we continue to support and encourage our Year 11 students, it’s important to remember that this journey will be over before they know it. Soon enough, they’ll be standing on stage, saying their goodbyes and embarking on their journey to the real world. Let’s continue to be a source of motivation and inspiration for them as they navigate this exciting time in their lives.

Thank you for reading,

James Follett, Year 11 YLC

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