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‘Practice Makes Perfect’ 

  • June 20, 2024

‘Practice Makes Perfect’ 

John Adams 1761

So why do we learn another language?  At GCC we learn French, the official language for 29 countries worldwide, along with 11 Overseas Territories. With approximately 321 million speakers, French opens doors to cultures worldwide, fostering respect and understanding while expanding business and employment opportunities for our students.

Learning another language not only enhances literacy skills, but also deepens comprehension of English, accelerating reading and writing abilities. As P. Porter (2024) notes:

 “Learning another language increases cognitive function.”

Moreover, language learning is enjoyable and offers insights into God’s greatness, as seen in Year 1’s study of Noah’s obedience.

Highlights of this term:

Many students participated in the Education Perfect National Languages Championship, embodying the motto: “Practice Makes Perfect.” Results were excellent, with six certificates awarded, including Tanner Allen’s Silver Award. Bravo Tanner!

In French lessons, we diligently practice, whether refining adjectival endings while creating imaginary creatures in Year 5, memorising lines for role plays like Les Trois Petits Cochons in Year 4, or learning the song L’arche de Noé, in Year 1. Year 6’s performance of Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains” (this can be viewed on Gateway) at Open Day showcased their excellent rehearsal and the principle that: 

“Practice Makes Perfect.”

So, if there’s spare time during the holidays, consider signing up for Duolingo, an excellent online resource, to practice French. After all:

“C’est en pratiquant qu’on devient parfait.”
Bonnes Vacances,

Madame Fletcher, Primary French Teacher

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