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MLTAQ French Poster Competition

GCC students Isabella Buckland (Year 10), Amelia Hughes (Year 9) and Audrey Jo Caldwell (Year 8) were very successful at the 2024 annual Sunshine Coast MLTAQ Poster Competition. Each student achieved first place in the French language competition in their own year-level categories. This year’s theme was ‘Embracing our differences and enriching our lives through

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What do you remember most about your time as a Middle School student? Was it the formula for simple interest, or the volume of a cone? Maybe it was learning to say “it’s good to meet you” in French or to find onomatopoeia in a text. Chances are, you remember your friendships the most. The

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The Rite Journey

As the Year 8 Coordinator, my role goes beyond overseeing our current program; I am also committed to preparing our Year 8 students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This week, I had the privilege of donning my parent hat and engaging with our Year 9 students and their parents to shed light

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Exciting Opportunities Await: Join the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program!

Dear Year 9 and 10 Families at GCC I am thrilled to introduce you to the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program available here at GCC for Year 9 students and above. It’s an exceptional opportunity for our young individuals to embark on a journey of personal growth and skill development. Starting the program in

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Year 8 Careers Workshop

Carol McKee, our Future Pathways Coordinator, has been working with Year 8 this term in two workshops.  As many of our students turn fourteen, they are eager to look for a part-time job.  Mrs. McKee has been their guide on this exciting journey, helping them explore the ins and outs of finding jobs, mastering the

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Year 7s Talk and Ride

This week, Year 7 students have been busy demonstrating their talking and riding skills, participating in the annual Physics Cup and Clash of Empires Debates. The Physics Cup Year 7 students have been and exploring the world of physical forces and machines this term, investigating the forces that make our world ‘turn’ and the simple

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Year 7 at GCC

Glasshouse Christian College’s Year 7 students have been welcomed into Secondary College with a whole new look super classroom space in L8. Variable and comfortable workspaces have been developed for students to use that are particularly suited to collaborative teamwork. The space’s focus is on student collaboration, helping to develop communication, critical thinking, conflict resolution

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Year 7 FUSE visit Abbey Museum

Last Friday half of the Year 7 students were transported back to Ancient Egypt as we wandered around the Abbey Museum. The displays told the journey of humankind through history. We were able to imagine what it was like to be living as an Egyptian. We were introduced to a new interesting career and had

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Year 9 Food Technology

Year 9 have created some amazing cakes in class. They made the cake and then decorated it to their choice. Even though icing and decorating the cakes was extremely challenging, the students didn’t give up and the results speak for themselves. What a great job they all did … definitely worthy of a celebration! Julie

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The importance of celebrating

It’s often the ‘lasts’ that we look back on and realise they no longer happen – some time after they stopped. I remember having this moment several years after I no longer took my own children to ‘you-beaut’ playgrounds. It’s funny how it can be tiresome and then when you realise it’s no longer a

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Middle School News

There have been some great events, moments, excursions and opportunities for our students this term. GCC families will be able to see all the photos in Pixevety in the links below: Gold winners from 2020 (no RTCs) Cross Country Year 8 Geography Excursion Legacy Cup – Boggle Challenge Athletics Carnival – photos coming soon NAPLAN

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Year 7 French excursion

On Monday 8 March, the Year 7 students were treated to a French movie excursion to Brisbane. The purpose of the excursion was to compliment their studies of French speaking countries and cultures around the world.  Each year, Alliance Francaise de Brisbane, the French cultural centre of Brisbane, organises the French Film Festival to offer Australian

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Middle School News

This year’s bible verse states “… be strong and courageous…” (Joshua 1:9). For each person, what they are being strong and courageous IN differs both circumstantially and psychologically. We know that one day ‘what can be shaken will not remain’ (Bible: Hebrews 12:27). What will remain is who we are, what we have done, and

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Middle School News 5 April 2019

If you are a parent of a middle school-aged child this quote may resonate and encourage you. They’re capable of reasoning intellectually, interpreting emotions, and taking a moral stand, but they lack perspective or life experience. Sorting out social drama can consume large chunks of their time, and they tend to experience emotions in polarities.

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Middle School News 1 March 2019

Seasons: We have already had several eventful weeks in Middle School with the Launchpads (a retreat day where students had the opportunity to get to know their classmates and teachers and reflect on important aspects that will direct their focus for the year), for our Year 9 leaders – a Leaders’ Retreat and Induction Assembly,

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Middle School News 29 March 2018

Reports and Grades: Interim reports will be sent out over the holidays and will be made available online through the Parent Portal. Please remember that for some subjects, in particular, this grade is not the final grade but rather a ‘ballpark’ figure of how a student is performing in a particular subject. The Australian Curriculum

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Year 7 Launchpad

As always, the first week of Year 7 has been an incredibly busy one. It’s been a mad rush of new routines, timetables, rooms and getting used to many new teachers and expectations. It’s sure to have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride of excitement and nerves, both for students and parents. On the

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Middle School News

Welcome to a new year and especially to our new students and parents. Thanks for attending the Parent Information Night this week. Parents who were unable to attend are encouraged to email their child’s Pastoral Care teacher or even pop in after school one day as it’s of great benefit to a child’s academic progress

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Year 8 Camp 2017

STEM Well, the year has certainly started with a ‘bang’. In Year 8, students have been studying a program called S.T.E.M. which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These have incorporated the subjects previously referred to as Science, Business/ ICT, Mathematics, Foundations and Pastoral Care. The main change for teachers and students is that

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Middle School News 6 November 2015

Celebrating the ‘Lasts’ Often the last time something happens is a well known event, other times it’s a year or so later and you realise sadly that ‘it’ doesn’t happen anymore. When we went on road trips with small children (or even shorter trips) we would schedule our stops around great parks they enjoyed (often

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Middle School News 12 June 2015

Last week’s Athletics Carnival was a great success. A big thanks to our expert and well-organised HPE Department, maintenance men for set up, teachers, teaching assistants and parents for helping run the events AND for our great students who participated to the best of their ability and with good sportsmanship and a positive attitude. The

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Middle School News 1 May 2015

Great Camps All Middle School students have been on camp for the first week of this term. The Year 7s have been to Canberra and were able to attend the 100 years ANZAC Gallipoli service in the nation’s capital. The Year 8 and 9 students have been on Outdoor Education camps. If you chat with

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Middle School News 7 November 2014

Congratulations On Tuesday night of this week we held our Awards Night and congratulated a number of students who have excelled academically, worked diligently and demonstrated consistently GREAT behaviour. The decision for the academic awardees is fairly straightforward as it is based on grade point averages; however, the diligent and GREAT awards require more input

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Middle School News 24 October 2014

The Middle School GCCC 2014 Awards Louis Pasteur, famed microbiologist and inventor of pasteurization, once remarked in a university lecture, “chance favors the prepared mind.” There is very little chance in the final results for our awardees in two Tuesday night’s time, rather more evidence of students who have worked hard to prepare their minds.

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Middle School News 5.9.14

The recent Student Led Conferences were an excellent opportunity to discuss with your child their progress and goals for the future. If you were unable to make the Tuesday or Wednesday meeting times – please remember to still book a time with your child’s Pastoral Care teacher in the the next few weeks to discuss

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Middle School News 22 August 2014

Privileged Our French teacher, Mrs Gordon, mentioned to me that recently she went to a meeting with several state school teachers; she came away from that with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the amazing array of opportunities our students have at Glasshouse. I was reminded of this when I attended the dance excursion last

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Middle School News 8 August 2014

The Nudge The Middle school years are an intense time of growth as a child transforms into the man or woman they are becoming. To be given the title of man or woman several characteristics and obvious changes must occur. Besides the obvious one of physical change, confidence, maturity and wisdom to make good decisions

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Year 7 Geography Excursion

This term, Year 7 Geography is learning about the ‘liveability’ of different places in the world. In week three Year 7 Geography students went on an excursion in Beerwah. In this fieldwork-based excursion the students were involved in assessing the quality of the constructed or built environment of Beerwah. The excursion was mainly based on

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Middle School News 27 June 2014

Legacy Cup – Challenge of the Minds The air was tense with excitement as our top GPA students contended for the Legacy Cup, Challenge of the Minds, during assembly last week. A collective breath was held as students waited to see if their team members would correctly state the name of Postman Pat’s cat. All

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Middle School News 16 May 2014

This week our Year 7 and 9 students have sat their NAPLAN tests. These tests are intense and hard work for our students. They also give valuable data that helps our school evaluate our programs, curriculum approaches and individual student data that helps us to moderate our internal grading. If you know of a student

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Middle School News 2 May 2014

I had the privilege of attending the Year 8 camp. The group of girls I supervised and their ability to work collaboratively, solve problems and encourage each other through some of the more difficult challenges greatly impressed me. This week, parents will have had an opportunity to meet with the teachers of their children at

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Middle School News 14 April 2014

Easter serves as a reminder that we all need a saviour. It could probably be said unequivocally, that the lives of all our families and students are never straightforward. There are no exceptions to the fact that this sometimes involves times of great stress and difficulties. The only thing we can be assured of is

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Middle School News 21 February 2014

How can people build self-esteem? “The answer is never to get them to feel better about themselves. The ‘self-esteem’ trip is a dead end. “The answer is to have people feel connected to love,” according to psychologists Henry Cloud and John Townsend. When people already feel connected and accepted, they do not have to try

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