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Middle School News

  • February 11, 2021

Middle School News

This year’s bible verse states “… be strong and courageous…” (Joshua 1:9). For each person, what they are being strong and courageous IN differs both circumstantially and psychologically. We know that one day ‘what can be shaken will not remain’ (Bible: Hebrews 12:27). What will remain is who we are, what we have done, and who we have become. The characteristics that are quality are what every parent fosters and guides in their child. This is a parent’s heartbeat for their children. It’s great if they are excellent at, for example, academics, or athletics or playing a musical instrument but what really matters and is important along and above these talents and gifts is the character of our children.

At Glasshouse Christian College, we all know this too. Our programs, staff, and the approaches are in place to guide our students to become wonderful young men and women – thoughtful, kind, considerate etc.

In the first week, all Middle School students had a Launchpad day. This was an opportunity to reset for the year ahead, get to know their Pastoral Care teachers and the other students in their year level.  It was an intentional program to set in motion the opportunity to guide our students to living quality lives. 

GCC families can see all the photos here.

Next week, the new Middle School Leaders will be inducted into their roles. Peer support and leadership is an excellent way to build a culture where students see we are all in this together, to provide support and to gain current insights and direction from our young people. 

Gateway App – do you have it yet? This platform is an excellent way to see what is coming up for your child’s work, general information on calendar events and you will also be able to see your child’s assessed work and feedback from their teachers. Knowing your child’s workload and how they are progressing at the point of assessments will help you to understand their challenges and assist them in developing habits of study and mind. And, in those moments where they need to be strong and courageous – you will know and can guide and mentor them.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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