Year 8 Careers Workshop - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 8 Careers Workshop

  • October 26, 2023

Year 8 Careers Workshop

Carol McKee, our Future Pathways Coordinator, has been working with Year 8 this term in two workshops.  As many of our students turn fourteen, they are eager to look for a part-time job.  Mrs. McKee has been their guide on this exciting journey, helping them explore the ins and outs of finding jobs, mastering the application process, and preparing for those nerve-wracking job interviews.

It sometimes can be difficult for students to know what to include in their resumes, as this is their first job and they don’t have any of the usual work experience.  Mrs McKee has helped Year 8 students create their own resumes, giving invaluable insights on what to include (and what to leave out).

Armed with skills and knowledge to showcase their unique abilities and potential, Year 8 students are now all set to conquer the summer job market and earn some pocket money as they bask in the sun over the holidays.

So, keep your eyes peeled this summer, because you might just spot some of our Year 8 students in their very first jobs within the local community.

Helen Douglas, Year 8 Coordinator

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