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Aliana – Brilliant Gymnast

  • October 26, 2023

Aliana – Brilliant Gymnast

Aliana Shiel is a quiet young lady in class, but get her on a gymnastics floor and she is fearless and aggressive. She tumbles, swings, vaults, and does cartwheels while balancing on the beam which all takes years to perfect. Aliana recently competed in the Qld State Regional Challenge in the Level 5 – 11 years, an over All Around event where she was the top qualifier on points throughout the competitive season.

She was the Sunshine Coast Level 5 – 11 years and over Regional Champion having won numerous All Around individual titles and was one of six girls chosen from all age divisions to represent the Sunshine Coast at the State Regional Team Challenge. The All Around event requires the gymnast to compete in floor, balance beam, vault, and uneven bars, and the points from each event are totalled.

Unfortunately, Aliana went into this competition with a niggling injury. She didn’t get the scores she would usually achieve in the floor and balance beam events and eventually her body said enough was enough and she had to withdraw from the championship after the vaulting event. This was a major disappointment for her as she had the highest qualifying all-around score (for her age division and level) going into the competition and had a big chance of winning it.

Aliana was also set to represent the Sunshine Coast at the State Championships as her qualifying score placed her at the top of her age division but she will use this year’s disappointment as motivation for next year. 

Training up to 16 hours a week, Aliana has already acquired the skills needed to compete in level 6 next year so is very determined to overcome her injury and get back into the gym perfecting them ready for next year’s competition season. We are very proud of Aliana and know she has the courage and determination to perform at the very highest level in gymnastics.

Wendy Stott, Primary Sport Teacher

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