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LOTE Primary Have Been Busy!

In Year 5 French class, students are learning about the parts of the body and how to name them in French. The pupils are putting their learning into a project, creating their own creatures using their imagination.  They are then writing up a description of their own creature. The students have been very enthusiastic about …

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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Peter and Cholena Hughes, our local indigenous artists came to speak to the Year 4 students about their indigenous culture.  Our students also got to handle didgeridoos, spears, axes, and clapping sticks.   Afterwards, Peter and Cholena gave each class an ochre workshop, where they learned how to obtain the ochre powder by rubbing the rocks. …

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Special Forces Rural Ops Aggies!

Super exciting news this fortnight as we start our Special Forces Rural Ops Aggies! So what is this you may ask? These are a unique team of highly efficient and committed Grade 11 and 12’s undertaking a Certificate II in Rural Operations in a partnership we have forged with the University of Queensland!  I can’t …

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Regional Touch Football Trials

Four students from GCC represented the Independent District at the Sunshine Coast School Sport Trials this week. They played every other district team in a round-robin format competition.  Abbie Stevens was a key player in the girls’ team playing as a middle. She read the play well, controlled the ball, and often called the plays …

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Primary Music Lunchtime Concert

At our school, music is more than just a subject on the curriculum – it’s a vibrant and exciting program that gets kids involved in playing, performing, and participating in choirs and school ensembles. Our music program offers opportunities for students of all ages and abilities to learn new skills, build confidence, and have fun …

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Prep “Buddy Time”

One of the loveliest things we do in Prep is “Buddy Time”. A Year 6 class is paired with a Prep class and each of the Prep children has one, or sometimes two, special big friends matched with them. Once a fortnight or so, the Year 6 classes come to each Prep room and spend …

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Indigenous artist incursion

Prep to Year 3 students enjoyed a visit from local Indigenous artist Peter Mu-raay and learnt about the meaning of his artwork. Peter showed students his artwork, How Dhianawun Lost His Wings and shared the story of Dhinawan (emu) who was arrogant and a bully. He was rude to the other animals and chased off the …

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We’re in this together

Thank you to all the parents and caregivers who managed to attend the parent-teacher meetings last week. I know that ill health may have impacted your family but it was lovely to have the opportunity to touch base and I know that the meetings were extremely valued by both parents and teachers.  Every year, our …

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