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Hatching Chicks in Prep

  • October 26, 2023

Hatching Chicks in Prep

The Prep classes have had the joy of hatching chicks in each of our classrooms this term. Henny Penny Hatchings is a company that delivers incubators, eggs, two-day-old chicks, clear-sided pens, and everything needed to hatch and care for baby chickens. We had eggs that were timed to hatch every few days. The children were delighted to be able to witness a chick emerge from its shell. Some children would just sit enthralled watching and hoping to be the one to spot the first wiggling of
an egg in the incubator.

Very soon after they arrived, the chicks proved to be quite vocal little class members. If the teachers were writing their reports about them, we’d probably say “disrupts and distracts others from their work”! It was so delightful to arrive each day and count how many little ones had hatched through the night and see which eggs were cracked and had started hatching.

They were a gorgeous and a lovely distraction. Sometimes in a quiet moment, there will be an explosion of laughter from the Preppies when the chicks in the pen tumble about each other, or if a little egg starts to wiggle in the incubator, ready to crack open. We had hoped that the excitement would wear off soon, but it didn’t.

Many lessons were learned about caring for Living Things (Science topic) and lessons learned about life. Sadly, a few eggs did not hatch, one little chick hatched, but didn’t survive for more than a few days, and then there was Rocky.

One egg in Prep Green had a very difficult start to life outside its shell. One of its companions in the incubator had pecked a hole in its shell prematurely. Due to the warm air in the incubator, the membrane in this egg had dried hard around the chick, cementing it inside the shell and it could not break out properly. It was struggling and could be heard chirping despite it being still curled inside the shell.

Mrs Spiteri intervened when it was clear intervention was needed and gently and patiently bathed it in warm water, releasing it from the caked-on substance. It was put into a sectioned-off area under the heat lamp to recover. It was separated from the other chicks with a cardboard divider. Mrs Childs insisted we pray for this little one and she named it “Rocky” because it was a “fighter”.

When Mrs Dodwell checked on the chicks over the weekend, Rocky wasn’t there! Oh no!

Mrs Jarvis contacted the cleaning staff to see if anything tragic had happened and if Rocky had been “removed”, but no. Rocky the miracle Adventure Chick scaled the enclosure to join his (or her) siblings in the main enclosure. Wow!

Rocky is a strong little thing. All thanks to Dr Spiteri the “Chickieatrician” and Mrs Childs’ prayers.

All of the little hatchlings have been adopted by Prep families and now have “forever homes”. We wish the chicks every success, and for the hens many good egg-laying years, and the roosters…well…every success.

For all the cute photos click HERE

Heather Dodwell, Prep Teacher

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