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Middle School News 29 March 2018

  • March 28, 2018

Middle School News 29 March 2018

Reports and Grades: Interim reports will be sent out over the holidays and will be made available online through the Parent Portal. Please remember that for some subjects, in particular, this grade is not the final grade but rather a ‘ballpark’ figure of how a student is performing in a particular subject.

The Australian Curriculum criteria is based on the understanding that a C standard reflects a student’s capabilities at their year level. In other words, if a student receives a C grade that means they are working at the expectations for their year level. It’s also good to remember that grades don’t necessarily reflect how hard a student works but rather the level of skill and understanding they were able to demonstrate in a particular subject. A student is in fact, demonstrating growth when they receive the same grade from one year to the next, for example, a C in one year and a C the following year demonstrates a student is showing a year’s growth. This is because they have shown they are now capable of achieving at the new year’s expectations. When a student moves up a grade, this represents beyond a year’s growth in that time period. The Behaviour and Effort grades are the most telling aspects of your child’s interim report and indicate how well they are working. During the Middle School years of schooling, students set routines and practices that will set them up for Senior school and beyond, the Behaviour and Effort grades tend to reflect this aspect and will indicate positive academic development but also tend to reflect character development in the areas of being reliable, taking initiative, a good work ethic, etc.

Student-Led Conferences

Self-reflection of performance is important for students. It assists them to consider for themselves what is working and what needs to happen to improve their work. The Student-Led Conferences are an opportunity for the parents and teachers to guide students to reflect and set achievable goals for their academic journey this year. These will be held during the first week back on Thursday 19 April and will begin from 1:30pm. Parents will receive an email with information on how to book these through an online system. We ask that all parents make a booking for this conference. The following week on Tuesday 24 April parents have the opportunity to meet all their child’s subject teachers if desired.


Will eggs be a part of your family’s Easter traditions this year? Eggs are a great symbol of Easter. The yolk and white turn into a life with feathers, wings and a heartbeat. As we look around our world we can see other examples of transformation such as seeds becoming plants and our 2018 Year 12 students moving into adult careers. I’ve seen my own children marry and become parents themselves and these events are worth celebrating, admiring and marvelling over. The ultimate transformation, however, was Jesus’ resurrection, it was not just a resuscitation of His life but a transformation. Easter is a reminder of God’s goodness. For Australians, it’s also the school term break. As you reflect and rest with your children, I hope it’s also a time of refreshment and renewal for you all.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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