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Easter and roller coasters

  • March 28, 2018

Easter and roller coasters

Do you love roller coasters? My favourite is one in Oakwood Wales, that is inside a forest, and weaves in and out of the trees! The story of Easter is like a roller coaster! Think about it from the perspective of Jesus’ friends. They see something different in Him, something amazing. They decide to follow Him and see God’s power in Him as he performs amazing miracles and offers forgiveness of people’s sins.

They travel from town to town and just when Jesus is impacting thousands of people it all goes horribly wrong. The Pharisees and Sadducees, the religious leaders, plot against him and stir up crowds against him. Jesus’ friend Judas betrays him. Jesus is arrested, beaten, mocked and finally killed in a torturous way. His friends stand at the foot of the cross weeping. They can’t believe their friend has died. Jesus’ body is buried and they all leave the graveside. Imagine how they were feeling, sad, scared and discouraged.

Yet three days later their tears of sadness turned to tears of joy, their fear turned to boldness, and their despair to hope. They saw with their own eyes that Jesus had risen from the dead, that he had the power over life and death. They finally understood Jesus’ words “I am the way, I am the truth and I am the life”. It is because of Jesus’ death and resurrection at Easter that we can know the way to God, find the truth and have eternal life in heaven.

Our lives are up and down like roller coasters just like Jesus’ friends but God works best with people who admit they haven’t got it all together and they need his help. When Jesus calls us to “come, follow me“ [Matthew 4:19] he doesn’t promise us an easy path, but he promises to travel life’s roller coaster with us. Are you willing to let Jesus into your rollercoaster car this Easter?

Praying you have a safe and relaxing Easter holiday.

Pastor Fi

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