Year 10s embarked on three days in the 'real world'

Year 10s embark on three days in the ‘real world’

  • March 28, 2018

Year 10s embark on three days in the ‘real world’

Preparation began back in Year 9 when students were asked to start thinking about jobs and industries that might interest them in the future. Students, parents and the College approached many, many businesses in our endeavour to get each and every Year 10 a placement that they could be enthusiastic about. Our wonderful students left with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

Students had placements in diagnostic imaging, physiotherapists, mechanics, local government, law courts, architects, event planners, TV stations, aviation, aged care, child care, retail, hospitality, optometry, civil construction, electrical engineers, the list goes on and on…

Visiting students and employers was an absolute joy as yet again our Year 10 cohort did themselves and the College proud. All their lessons on first impressions, using initiative, good body language and communication had been followed to the letter with employers raving about our polite, interested and impressive students.

Although there are more positive comments than I have room for here, a few highlights include Michael Mansfield being described as ‘a God Send’ by the Architect at Archerfield in Brisbane, who was saved many late nights at the office by Michael’s hard work, Zac Festa described as a ‘Darn good worker’, who we should use as an example to younger grades by his supervisor at 1300LOCATE Civil Construction, Emma Giles employer at Sea Borne Clothing was ‘very grateful to have met her’ and ‘extremely impressed by her work ethic’, Lacey Hall’s supervisor at Maleny Dairies comments were ‘Absolutely brilliant! I could have a dozen Laceys!’ and of Vinny Porfiri she said she ‘would definitely consider him for a job’.

We are very proud of all of our Year 10s for getting out of their comfort zones and giving the three days all they had. They have certainly left a great impression with businesses from Cairns to Brisbane and everywhere in-between, with the most repeated comment from employers being ‘they are just a pleasure to have’.

Carol McKee, Future Pathways Coordinator

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