GCC Year 7 students visit Lavally Lodge, Glasshouse Mountains

Year 7 end of term highlights

  • March 28, 2018

Year 7 end of term highlights

Finishing off the first Term of Year 7 has been hectic but not without its highlights. In Week 9 the class put their teamwork and geography mapping skills into practice, navigating their way around the College from their maps and taking photos to prove their locations. A compulsory stop along the way was for a storytelling session with Mrs Kadel about the indigenous background of our local area and the significance of the bunya nut.

Over this term Year 7 students have read autobiographies about inspiring people such as Bethany Hamilton who as a teenager lost her arm in a shark attack. This final week of term they put their learning about developing perseverance and overcoming challenges like disabilities into practice by visiting Lavally Lodge and spending time doing craft-type activities with the residents. We were so proud of the students for their enthusiasm and friendliness, and it was wonderful to hear the students say that they can’t wait to visit again. It’s such a fabulous lesson in empathy and thoughtfulness to give time to others and clearly, the Year 7s learnt that this week.

Tania Calais, Year 7 Coordinator

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