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Middle School News 1 March 2019

  • February 28, 2019

Middle School News 1 March 2019

Seasons: We have already had several eventful weeks in Middle School with the Launchpads (a retreat day where students had the opportunity to get to know their classmates and teachers and reflect on important aspects that will direct their focus for the year), for our Year 9 leaders – a Leaders’ Retreat and Induction Assembly, a Parent Information and meet the Pastoral Care teachers evening, and the swimming carnival. Students are now into the swing and routines of the year. Each ‘season’ of the term has its value and its stresses. It’s important students prepare for the ‘season’ so they can adjust to it and enjoy it. Even assessment ‘season’ can have its merit as students demonstrate what they have learnt and complete tasks that they can be proud of.

Eagle Badge – Award program

If you missed the Parent Information evening, you may be interested in hearing more about the new Eagle Award program that is in place in Middle School this year. This clip provides a good introduction to the reason why we have instituted this and how it works. However, for more detail, please go to the College website and under the GCC parents tab and College handbooks you can read more detail on this in the Middle and Senior School Parent Handbook.

Further to this, Year 9 students can sign up to the Duke of Edinburgh award program. You can read more about this initiative here. This award is an excellent way for young people to grow and develop in significant areas of their life and is an opportunity for Glasshouse students to be recognised for the many extra things they are already doing or to encourage them to be adventurous, life long learners and to give back to their communities. For more information, please contact Bert Kasselman by email.

Study Skills – Elevate Program. Parent Session

Next week our College offers the services of a company called Elevate to provide sessions for our students on study skills. A parent session is offered in the evening that will provide valuable information on how to support and assist your child with homework and study preparations for tests and assignments. I would like to, in particular, commend this invaluable session to Year 7 parents. Please mark these details in your diaries:

Elevate Study Skills Parent Session Details

    • When: Tuesday 5 March, 6:30pm
    • Where: Theatre
    • Who: All parents are invited to attend
    • No cost

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of our Middle school community to offer our condolences to Mrs Sonya Kadel whose husband passed away a few weeks ago from a long battle with cancer. She is in all of our prayers at this difficult time.


Please remember to make direct contact with Secondary Admin for all general queries and to notify of absences. secondary.admin@glasshouse.qld.edu.au

If your child will be absent in term time, please contact the Head of School. Remember that every day counts and being absent for more than eight days per year can significantly hamper your child’s academic ability and grades.

IT use and Laptop use at home – parent control features

The school laptop should be viewed like a textbook given by the school to assist your child in their education. While it has a much greater capacity than a traditional textbook, it is the property of the school and its primary function is to assist students with their education, not entertainment and social communication. Parents may find the ‘Parent Controls’ that can be put in place through the ‘system preferences’ on your child’s laptop beneficial. This website gives more information on this and is a great idea for peace of mind and to manage laptops without nagging or constant reminding of particular rules your family has for their use at home.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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