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Transitioning from Primary to Middle School

  • February 28, 2019

Transitioning from Primary to Middle School

Transitioning from Primary to Middle School can be a big deal for some students.  As Pastors we are trying to help the students with this transition. So far this term we have been intentional about getting to know all the Year 7 students. We want the students to feel comfortable with us should they ever need supporting through a difficult time.  

Earlier this term we invited all Year 7 boys and girls to join us for pancakes with the Pastors. Over the past few weeks Pastor Fi and I have also had the privilege of spending Tuesday lunchtimes with the Year 7 girls who have chosen to take part in our seven 7 life program. Throughout this course not only have we had lots of fun enjoying amazing food and playing games, but we have discovered how the Bible is relevant for our lives today as we have looked at some of the characteristics of our personalities, healthy and unhealthy friendships, along with how to handle life when we are challenged emotionally.  

Next week our topic will look at the choices we make. So if you have a daughter in Year 7 who hasn’t yet joined us feel free to encourage them to come along. For those of you with children in other year levels we will be running similar courses for them later on in the year.

Donna Newell, College Pastor

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