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Design and Technologies: I design, I create, I inspire

  • May 25, 2022

Design and Technologies: I design, I create, I inspire

Middle School Design Technology students have been exploring the way things work in the world of invention and innovation with car safety design and the amazing contraptions of Rube Goldberg machines. Year 9 students investigated the aerodynamics and hydrodynamics of powerboats, and then designed and created balsa wood prototypes, vacuum formed a plastic hull to make a mould and tested the performance of the boat in a 6-metre water tank.

Year 10 Industrial Technology students designed and constructed CO2 powered balsa wood Formula 1 race cars, based on their studies in the aerodynamics of high-speed car design. They competed in the GCC CO2 Racing Championships, where they faced a double elimination challenge to decide the overall winner with the fastest CO2 powered car. Race times were 1.2 seconds for the 20-metre distance. Year 10 Engineering skills students fabricated sheet metal helicopters and were introduced to the use of oxy-acetylene heating practices in the making of a junior hacksaw.

Year 11 and 12 Engineering students have explored the structural world of water tank tower and gantry platform designs. They applied their investigation to design and created the structural components and tested their prototype’s performance under load conditions to the point of structural failure.


Middle School Industrial Skills students applied their joinery skills in creating quality woodcraft and furniture items, such as a custom treasure chest, mobile phone boom box, carry-all and dart board cupboard.

Senior Industrial Technology Skills students investigated the mechanical world of car engine service and maintenance.

Open Day at the College provided an excellent opportunity for the community to view student projects and the range of exciting prototyping technologies available to students, ranging from state-of-the-art CNC and Laser technology, plasma cutting equipment, specialised metal shaping and bending equipment, MIG/TIG welding bays, CNC routers, 3D printers, and a dedicated CAD laboratory. 

Brad Hampson, HOD Design and Technologies

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