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Empowering Minds: Glasshouse Christian College Shines in Mooting Competition

At Glasshouse Christian College, we believe in nurturing academic excellence and fostering a spirit of intellectual curiosity among our students. This year, our Year 12 Legal Studies students ventured into the realm of mooting for the first time, participating in the prestigious University of Sunshine Coast (USC) Mooting Competition. Mooting, a simulated court proceeding where

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Year 8 Camp

Year 8 camp was a week-long trip to Mapleton QCCC, participating in a variety of activities, led by qualified instructors and designed to challenge our Year 8’s.  From tackling challenging obstacles to celebrating achievements, our students demonstrated their determination, resilience, and a spirit of camaraderie throughout the adventure. Students stayed in tents for two nights. 

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Celebrating National Reconciliation Week at Glasshouse Christian College

During National Reconciliation Week, students from Glasshouse Christian College’s Senior and Middle School took part in activities to honour Indigenous cultures and promote unity. The week featured a special ceremony that highlighted the students’ respect and appreciation for the traditional practices of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. One of the main activities involved

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Primary School Dance Academy Compete at the Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge

The primary school dance academy students recently competed in the Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge. They showed an incredible commitment to the challenge with many girls getting up at 3.30 am to have their hair and makeup done before getting to school! Please congratulate them on all of their hard work and achievement. They received a 3rd in

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Greetings, Wildcats!

Excitement is brewing in the air as we gear up for this year’s rendition of High School Musical! With rehearsals well underway, the cast and crew are diving headfirst into the world of East High. From electrifying dance numbers to heartfelt ballads, this production promises to be a showstopper. Rehearsals are in full swing, and

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SHEP – Sunshine Coast

Recently, nine GCC students were selected to participate in SHEP – Sunshine Coast at Chancellor Park State School. What is SHEP? State Honours Ensemble Program, or SHEP, is an educational program run by Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University for music students that helps extend and encourage their pursuit of musical excellence. It brings together

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The Metamorphosis of Boys

“I didn’t realise that boys metamorphosised.” Well, technically they don’t, so there’s no need for concern if one night this winter your son randomly asks for his sleeping bag. He may just be cold. The process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form, in two or more distinct stages is only really

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The Language of Friendship

Thank you to the many parents who attended our family webinar on the Language of Friendship with Tyson from URStrong. It was so encouraging for us all to learn alongside the children about friendships and how we can do this better. The first point that Tyson made was the importance of friendships for every child

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The Power of Mud

One of my favourite stories in the Bible is the one where Jesus spits in the dirt, mixes it up, and places the mud on the eyes of a blind man from birth. Jesus tells the man to go wash in the pool of Siloam and after he does, he receives sight for the first

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Primary Sports Update

Primary Swimming Carnival The scene was set for a fantastic day at the annual GCC Primary Swimming Carnival, as chlorine filled the air and the rain clouds parted for perhaps the only day this year! This highly anticipated event brought together students, teachers, and families for a day of spirited competition, camaraderie, and splashing fun.

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Secondary Sports Report Term 1

There has been a lot to report on this term for secondary sport at GCC. Volleyball continues to be well represented with our teams competing at SCISSA, Trish Buckley and state level. Our Beach Volleyballers also found success at the state and national schools cup competitions. The Cricket team enjoyed their tournament and we have

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The Annual Physics Cup

In STEM (Science), the Year 7 cohort has been investigating the physical forces that act on us and make our world turn, and the simple machines that help us utilise these forces. Their understanding would become vital in competing in the Third Annual Physics Cup Competition at AussieWorld in Week 7. Teams raced against the

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Primary Sports News – Term 1

Early morning surfing GCC students have teamed up with North Caloundra Surf School for the GCC Sunrise Surf Sessions. For seasoned surfers and those just starting out, it’s been a great way to begin the day and get the schooling year rolling. The instructors have guided students through the basics in wave selection and surfing

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What’s bigger than Tay Tay?

Gone are the days when going to a concert was just about enjoying the music in a live format. These days it is a life experience that seems more like a worldwide fan club reunion. If you have been living under a mushroom, you still probably know that Taylor Mania is here with the arrival

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The Rite Journey

As the Year 8 Coordinator, my role goes beyond overseeing our current program; I am also committed to preparing our Year 8 students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This week, I had the privilege of donning my parent hat and engaging with our Year 9 students and their parents to shed light

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Unreasonable Hospitality

At nine years old, me and my friends from church were invited to the Searson property for a day unlike any other. We were being treated to our own private theme park! The small acreage was transformed by merry-go-rounds, jumping castles, food stalls, mini golf, and pony rides. They even had those giant teacups where

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“Best Bedtime Story Ever”

Last week, we held our College Dedication Service as a whole school event. It is a special time when we come together to celebrate God’s goodness to us over the last 24 years and look forward to what he has in store for us in the future. Our special guest speaker was Cheryl Bryers, former

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‘All Kids can be Readers’

Last week, author Sally Rippin, was announced as the Australian Children’s Laureate for 2024 and 2025. Sally’s theme as Laureate for the next two years is ‘All kids can be readers’. Sally loves to write stories with heart and with characters that resonate with children, parents, and educators. She is Australia’s highest selling female author

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Surf, Sun, and Success: Year 12’s Gold Coast Adventure Sets the Stage for an Epic Year Ahead!

Picture this: Year 12 – the pinnacle of high school life. But before diving headfirst into a whirlwind of exams, assignments, and the dreaded teachers’ glares, there’s one epic escapade awaiting: a Gold Coast getaway! Imagine waking up to the sun-kissed shores (when it wasn’t raining) of the Gold Coast, where the cool breeze whispers

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Exciting Opportunities Await: Join the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program!

Dear Year 9 and 10 Families at GCC I am thrilled to introduce you to the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program available here at GCC for Year 9 students and above. It’s an exceptional opportunity for our young individuals to embark on a journey of personal growth and skill development. Starting the program in

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Developing the Leader in Your Child

This week, I had the extraordinary privilege of participating in a leadership retreat with the newly formed Senior Leadership Team. This retreat allowed us to set goals and explore various leadership techniques and group dynamics but also left me inspired by the exceptional young minds involved. Witnessing the enthusiasm and commitment of this new generation

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Harnessing Creative Potential: DeLorean Students Dive into Design Thinking

At Glasshouse Christian College, we believe in transforming education into a journey of discovery and innovation. This belief came to life spectacularly during this week’s Design Thinking workshop, facilitated by Inspired Education, for our DeLorean Project students. Our young innovators embarked on a mission to intertwine learning with real-world challenges, using the Sustainable Development Goals

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Estah 5th in Australia

Estah Muller is the 5th best 12-year-old female discus thrower in Australia! She has returned from the Australian School Sport Athletics Championships in Launceston where she competed against the best 12-year-old discus throwers in the country. She was very excited to place 5th against the talented field of athletes. Estah has improved her personal best

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Term 4: Learning Beyond the Classroom

Over the past fortnight, Glasshouse Christian College has played host to a series of remarkable events, marking some of the most significant moments of the year. These activities not only showcased the talents of our students but also underscored the broader educational experience we aim to provide at GCC. The performances, events and presentation ceremonies

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2023 Mystery Bus Tour

After the Year 12 formal on Friday 18 November, a brave group of staff members took 55 of our graduates on a mystery all-night bus tour. The College sees this as an excellent opportunity to finish the year well. I am incredibly proud to be associated with a school that is willing to subsidise a

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Primary Sport Report for Term 4

Swimming Carnival GCC ended the year with the annual Swimming Carnival and students were excited about participating in such a fun event at the Burpengary Aquatic Centre. This year we were blessed with sunny weather and enjoyed the full use of the aquatic center. Students were given the opportunity to nominate to race in the

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Sports Awards with a Special Guest

Last Tuesday we held our Upper Primary and Secondary Sports Awards which celebrates the outstanding achievements of our students in this area. This year, we were incredibly honoured to welcome one of our esteemed graduates as our guest speaker. Holly Lubcke is a GCC graduate and was our Sports Captain in 2019. She achieved remarkable

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Teaching Teenagers the Manners and Social Skills that will Give them an Edge in Life

Adults who despair about the state of the youth is something that seems to echo through the ages. Even the ancient Greek philosophers complained about the lack of manners. Socrates (469–399 B.C.) himself complained: The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in

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