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How do we measure civilisation?

Margaret Mead was a famous and sometimes controversial cultural anthropologist in the 1960s and 70s. She was once asked what she thought the first sign of civilisation was and her answer surprised many. Some expected that the archeological evidence of civilisation would be advanced tool-making or a flourishing economy. However, Margaret disagreed. An article by …

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Coding fun

This term our Prep and Year 3 students have been busy coding and creating in their iDiscover library lessons. The Preps have created interactive stories by exploring the characters, backgrounds and blocks in the Scratch Junior App. Year 3 students have used Scratch and Makey Makeys to create digital, interactive versions of cinquain poems, exploring …

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SYSITS – Expression of thanks

Expression of thanks to our donors of “Save your Seat in the Spotlight” Campaign The College would like to thank all donors who have generously given into this Capital Giving Campaign so far. It will be a while until we can formally recognise each donation by way of an engraved seat plaque in their name, …

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Battle of the Bands

2020 has brought with it some challenges with COVID-19, but despite this, we wanted to create a space for our high-schoolers to rock out some tunes together. We had nine bands from Beerwah State High School, Glasshouse Christian College and Maleny State High School participating in the Battle this year. Click here to check out what the …

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Why fathers are important

The modern-day father is a complex role that comes in various forms. They are no longer always the traditional breadwinner and disciplinarian in the family. He can be single or married; externally employed or stay-at-home; step-parent or adoptive. Psychological research however across families from all ethnic backgrounds strongly suggests that a fathers’ affection and increased …

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Joyce Newton OAM Memorial Bursary

Massive congratulations to Ebony for winning the Joyce Newton OAM Memorial Bursary! To win, Ebony wrote an exceptional 1000 word essay on the New Bradfield Water Scheme. In addition to winning $1000 to use at Concept IT, Ebony’s essay will hopefully be tabled during parliament and attend a dinner at Queensland Parliament.  Ebony was presented …

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Wondrous Artists

We are SUPREMELY proud of the amazing work our little students have created this term. Some work was based on guided drawings, to be more scientifically correct as we studied minibeasts, but some are all our own ideas! What year level is this you ask… Year 7? Year 9? Year 4? – NO! – Year ONE! Yes. We have had a …

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