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The Rite Journey

  • February 29, 2024

The Rite Journey

As the Year 8 Coordinator, my role goes beyond overseeing our current program; I am also committed to preparing our Year 8 students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This week, I had the privilege of donning my parent hat and engaging with our Year 9 students and their parents to shed light on what they can anticipate from the Year 9 program.

In Year 9 students take part in The Rite Journey, a program that aims to help young people navigate the challenges of adolescence, develop a strong sense of self, and transition into responsible and resilient adults.

As a mother of five, navigating the teenage years has been both exhilarating and challenging. With four teenagers in the household, three of whom have embarked on the RITE Journey, our family has experienced firsthand the transformative power of this program.

The RITE Journey adventures encourage the ethos of resilience-building and independence. Through a series of challenges and hurdles, participants learn valuable life skills while forging bonds and fostering teamwork. From overcoming physical challenges to embracing new experiences, each obstacle is an opportunity for personal growth and development.

Reflecting on my children’s experiences, it’s clear that the RITE Journey has left a lasting impression. While they fondly recall the camaraderie, it’s the life lessons and newfound confidence that resonate the most. Whether it’s stepping forward into the senior years of schooling or mastering new skills alongside friends, the program equips teenagers with the tools to navigate life’s challenges with courage and conviction.

As parents, our role is crucial in shaping our children’s narrative and self-belief. We must instil confidence and resilience in our children, serving as their biggest cheerleaders and advocates. By empowering them to tackle hurdles while under our guidance, we lay the foundation for independent problem-solvers and fearless trailblazers.

As we prepare our Middle School students for the journey ahead, it’s crucial to recognize the transformative impact of programs like school camps and The Rite Journey.

Helen Douglas, Year 8 Coordinator

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