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The “Principals” of Chess

  • February 29, 2024

The “Principals” of Chess

In Term 4 last year, the secondary chess club ran a chess competition where the winner would play off against a member of staff. Seeing as the students played me regularly I wanted it to be a member of staff they have not played before and a senior member of staff. If all roads lead to Rome, then all my enquiries led to our Principal, Mr Curtis. I was warned that he does not play regularly, maybe playing one match every year or so however, Mr Curtis was more than happy to go up against our Champion. 

The competition went well with nine players registering. With multiple players vying for the top stop up until the last few rounds, Matt O’Shea was the eventual winner with 8 ½ points and Jack Warner with 7 ½ points coming in second (1 point for a win and ½ point for a draw).

The match against Mr Curtis was played in L8 during second break during Week 6. It was a timed game with each player having 10 minutes to make their move. Once they made their move they would stop their clock which would then start their opponent’s clock. This means if a winner was not decided by checkmate, it would be decided by time. The match was surprising and difficult. Both players played very strongly and it looked like either player could win. However, time is a cruel mistress and, despite having better position and more pieces on the board, Mr Curtis lost out to Matthew O’Shea on time. Had the game been longer, it may have been a different outcome. This is the first time GCC have conducted anything like this in regards to chess and I will be looking to make this a yearly event.

If your child has shown an interest in playing chess the secondary chess club meets on Wednesdays in L8 during the second break. It is for all students at all levels of ability. If you are just learning then come along and learn how to play chess like a pro. If you play regularly already, then test your skills against me and some of our other students who play regularly. Who knows, you may even get to play Mr Curtis and have the bragging rights that not many students get when it comes to competing against Mr Curtis – the bragging rights of victory! 

Ben Jennings

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