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Year 7 FUSE visit Abbey Museum

  • December 1, 2021

Year 7 FUSE visit Abbey Museum

Last Friday half of the Year 7 students were transported back to Ancient Egypt as we wandered around the Abbey Museum. The displays told the journey of humankind through history. We were able to imagine what it was like to be living as an Egyptian. We were introduced to a new interesting career and had a taste of what it might be like to be an archaeologist. We discovered artifacts from an archeological dig to learn more about the different resources that were used during the time. Visiting the Abbey Museum was a quality cultural and educational experience promoting an impartial view of Ancient Egyptian times.

Oliver Geeves, Year 7 Student

In FUSE this term the Year 7 students have been learning about Ancient Egypt through the Exodus story from the Bible. Last Wednesday we went on an excursion to the Abbey Museum, which was a great opportunity to see first-hand how the Ancient Egyptians practiced mummification and participated in an archeological dig. This was a great culmination of our learning this term. 

Dig Site:

During our Abbey Museum experience, we got to be archaeologists. We went out to this undercover area that was full of sand. The sandbox was marked on the inside with string so each group would get a square section. The staff then told us about how to use the tools and when we should use them if we find any artifacts or fake bones. They then showed us how to record our findings and told us that we had to sieve out the sand. Everybody got to work. Students found pieces of pottery and some fake bones. The students uncovered a big tomb near the middle of the site. In the end, we found out what would have happened if this was a real dig site. The story was that someone found the tomb and was tomb raiding when the roof and pillars collapsed, crushing them. Then over time, sand had covered their body and the broken artifacts.

Year 7 students

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