Glasshouse Christian College triumphs at the Da Vinci Decathlon - Glasshouse Christian College

Glasshouse Christian College triumphs at the Da Vinci Decathlon

  • May 9, 2024

Glasshouse Christian College triumphs at the Da Vinci Decathlon

Glasshouse Christian College triumphs at Queensland Regional da Vinci Decathlon, securing first place overall in the Year 6 Division and a further 15 placings.

On Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 May, five teams of students across the Primary and Middle Schools met bright and early to head to the Queensland Regional da Vinci Decathlon held at Sunshine Coast Grammar School. The da Vinci Decathlon is an internationally recognised academic competition that is run in the spirit of an Olympic decathlon, with teams of eight students competing across 10 disciplines.

Schools spanning from across the Sunshine Coast, reaching as far as Toowoomba, took part in the competition. The hall brimmed with anticipation and energy as each team settled into their seats. The teams from Glasshouse Christian College had dedicated themselves to rigorous training in anticipation for this event and were excited to collaborate with their team mates in showcasing their skills.

During the first session of the day, students focused on three challenging academic areas. In Ideation, students were presented with a societal issue whereby they needed to empathise, define, create and develop a prototype of a solution. Science and English were equally challenging disciplines, comprising of complex problems centred around the year’s theme – ‘Technology and Innovation’.

Whilst this session was running, students nominated three team mates to tackle the Creative Producers challenge. Students had a mere eight minutes to absorb a given stimulus and devise a one-minute presentation to perform to a panel of judges. Given the tight timeframe, the ability to improvise and synergise ideas became crucial, alongside the qualities of confidence, clarity and expressive communication.

During the second session, students students applied their knowledge to interpret and solve intricate, multistep problems in Maths and Cartography. Art and Poetry presented a unique challenge, requiring students to craft a poem intertwined with art which integrated 3D elements. Engineering posed a hands-on challenge, with students tasked with constructing a functional model under constraints of time and resources.

In the final session of the day, students were challenged with Code Breaking and Legacy tasks. Code Breaking is an extreme test of students’ thinking and adaptability skills. Legacy delves into general knowledge, as well as testing students’ understandings surrounding Leonardo da Vinci himself and the Renaissance period.

As the sessions drew to a close, teams awaited the results with bated breath. We were thrilled to learn that every team from Glasshouse Christian College had achieved recognition in at least one subject area. Remarkably, across all teams, we secured top three placements in each of the ten disciplines. The pinnacle of our excitement came with the news that our Year 6 team came first place overall, earning the coveted opportunity to advance to the State competition.

Witnessing the eruption of applause and genuine excitement from all of our GCC students as the success of Year 6 team was announced was truly heartening. This display exemplifies the outstanding character of our students, showcasing their ability to celebrate the success of others with genuine joy and camaraderie.

Below is a summary of our remarkable results and the names of our team members. Beyond the impressive achievements lies the invaluable experience that stretched our students’ minds in so many ways. Throughout the day, they honed critical thinking skills, pushed the boundaries of creativity and prioritised the collective needs of the team over their own. The College is so proud of them all.

Year 5

Mathematics – 2nd
Creative Producers – 3rd
Code Breaking – 3rd

Team members: Serena Cheal, Evie Coulson, Lois Finley, Jemimah Kluver, Ivy Lange, Elijah Macpherson, Joshua Polinski, Pippa Rode

Year 6

Art and Poetry – 1st
Engineering – 2nd
Cartography – 2nd
Code Breaking – 2nd
Science – 3rd

Team members: Chloe Bird, Rocky Demerutis, Robbie Dick, Sarah Kluver, Corbie McNeil, Hannah Rae, Bella Ryan, Anika Taylor

Year 7

Ideation – 2nd
Code Breaking – 2nd
Legacy – 3rd
English – 3rd

Team members: Sean Barrett, Cooper Beaven, Allegra Cheal, Isaac Choi, Zoe Ford, Aaron Newell, Harriet Smyth, Liam Wessels

Year 8

Art and Poetry – 1st
Mathematics – 3rd

Team members (mixed Year 7 and 8 students): Liam Bird, Phoebe Brighouse-Johnson, Jacob Ferrari, Nina Imhof, Oscar Landrie, Byron Lange, Micah Matthews-Frederick, Sarannah Leary

Year 9

Code Breaking – 3rd

Team members: Luther Capps, Samantha Dickens, Amelia Hughes, Matthew O’Shea, Sophia Pagar, Sarah Pearson, Alexander Stout, Abi Viney

Lisa Allum, Honours Program Teacher

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