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What’s bigger than Tay Tay?

Gone are the days when going to a concert was just about enjoying the music in a live format. These days it is a life experience that seems more like a worldwide fan club reunion. If you have been living under a mushroom, you still probably know that Taylor Mania is here with the arrival

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“Best Bedtime Story Ever”

Last week, we held our College Dedication Service as a whole school event. It is a special time when we come together to celebrate God’s goodness to us over the last 24 years and look forward to what he has in store for us in the future. Our special guest speaker was Cheryl Bryers, former

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Term 4: Learning Beyond the Classroom

Over the past fortnight, Glasshouse Christian College has played host to a series of remarkable events, marking some of the most significant moments of the year. These activities not only showcased the talents of our students but also underscored the broader educational experience we aim to provide at GCC. The performances, events and presentation ceremonies

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Sports Awards with a Special Guest

Last Tuesday we held our Upper Primary and Secondary Sports Awards which celebrates the outstanding achievements of our students in this area. This year, we were incredibly honoured to welcome one of our esteemed graduates as our guest speaker. Holly Lubcke is a GCC graduate and was our Sports Captain in 2019. She achieved remarkable

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Top Ten Tips for Tackling Term 4

Welcome to Term 4. Term 4 is a rollercoaster journey of events, activities, concerts, exams, assessments and stress. There are tears, tiredness and frustration – and that’s just from the staff!  Term 4 is huge for many of our families and the more children you have, the more you are probably feeling the pressure.  Term

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Who is your cheer squad?

Do you remember when your child took their first steps? Or put on their shoes for the first time? What about the ground-breaking moment when they use the toilet or ‘potty’ for the first time? Do you remember clapping and cheering every attempt despite how many times they fell down, put the shoe on the

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Create problems these holidays!

Term time is busy! We are all in the rushed routines of waking up the kids, preparing lunches, ensuring the uniforms are clean, finding that elusive left shoe and then getting everyone out of the door in time. The afternoons can be just as hectic with after-school activities, supervising homework, cooking the evening meal, doing

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Open Day: A Celebration of Community

After the torrential rain of 2022’s Open Day, Saturday’s blue skies and dazzling sunshine were a welcome change that drew in the crowds. Our campus was buzzing with excitement as families, students, staff, and friends gathered to celebrate and experience the vibrant atmosphere.  We also experienced a lot of new families visiting us this year

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Mateship in Australia

You can experience friendship in France, brotherhood in Belarus and camaraderie in Cuba but mateship seems to be quintessentially Australian.  Many associate Anzac Day with mateship in Australia but the roots go back much further. Origins of Mateship in Australia The origins of mateship in Australia can be traced back to the early days of

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Behind Face Filters

Funny Face Filters Do you remember the attorney in west Texas who accidentally had a cat face filter on during a Zoom call? It was a very serious meeting with 394th Judicial District Court but the poor attorney didn’t know how to turn off the cat filter. In frustration, he said that the meeting should

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Never be derailed by doubt

In the last fortnight we have had three large events, the Dance Showcase on the 14 October and then the Secondary and Primary Sports Presentations last Friday.  All three events were fantastic showcases of what our students have been working towards during the year.  The dancers showed grace, teamwork and a certain fearlessness as they

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Bucket-filling for all ages

Our Primary School students have been big bucket-fillers for many years now however, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, ‘bucket-filling’ is used to refer to positive attitudes and behaviour. The analogy is that we all carry an invisible bucket of our emotions and feelings. When our buckets are full, we are

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Redundancy challenge

Have you thought about your ‘big picture’ parenting goal? Our immediate goals might be to have our teen clean up their room or stop our toddler from drinking from the dog’s bowl but what about your big goal as a parent? Our children grow up quickly and I often hear parents lament about not feeling

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What is your parenting style?

It is not often we have the opportunity for a special parenting event with specialist guest speakers like we did on Monday so you might be surprised to hear that we have another treat in store for you, but more on that later. I hope you were able to attend the parenting seminar on Monday

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Uncomfortable truths

On Monday 8 August between 6:30pm and 7:30pm, GCC has organised for Melinda Tankard Reist and Daniel Principe to present to our parents, caregivers and the wider community on disturbing new trends among our children and teens.  The topic is: “Navigating a se*ed-up world: How can we help our children resist harmful messages from media

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Legendary sportsmanship

Welcome to Term 3. I hope you had a relaxing break with family and friends.  This week we enjoyed our Athletic Carnivals which were a great time of fun, sportsmanship and character. You will be able to read all about the details in the Sports Report when it comes out after all the points are

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The search for happiness

No one would argue that the last couple of years have been tough on everyone. We feel a bit battered and knocked around emotionally and there is the very real grief for what we have missed out on. In particular, I feel for those who didn’t have the opportunity to be with loved ones at

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

My expectations were high for GCC’s first musical in GPAC but the performance exceeded all of them.  Students and staff overcame a late start to the year and multiple cancelled practices due to weather and sickness and yet they still delivered a professional and thoroughly entertaining performance. A special congratulations to Eden Foster, our youngest

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One down, one to go!

It’s a busy time at GCC with Open Day last Saturday and the College Musical just around the corner on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June. Open Day It’s been raining a very long time and we had been praying for beautiful sunny weather for our Open Day but the answer was a resounding ‘no’.

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You Belong

Most of you will know that this week we celebrated “You Belong”. You Belong Week is the brainchild of Colleen Crase and the GCC Student Voice with the aim to ensure everyone feels like they belong. You Belong embodies the values of Harmony Week (typically a week later in the calendar) and Anti-Bullying Day on

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Three marks of a good leader

This week we held our first-ever combined Leadership Induction Service. Even though the change was brought on by current restrictions, it was such a great whole College event that it may well become one of our new traditions. Student leaders and their families attended the ceremony in the spacious GPAC theatre where they could all

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From one marathon to the next

The Christmas school holiday is usually a six-week long-distance race but when you have an additional two thrown in for good measure it becomes a marathon!  I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you all for finishing this marathon. It is wonderful to have the students back for face-to-face learning this week.  I would

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A whirlwind week

You can tell it’s the end of the year when you need your calendar open in a special window at all times. Last week we held the DeLorean Showcase, Vocal Recitals, Guitar Recitals, Business Market Stalls and ended the week with the Dance and Drama Showcase. That was on top of the usual incursions, excursions,

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How to spot a fake friend

Navigating the dynamics and nuances of friendship at any age can be challenging but especially for our younger students and teenagers. They don’t have the life experience to spot a fake friend and are vulnerable to the hurtful results.  I’m sure your children have come home complaining about what their friends or other students have

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Laugh often and lighten up

My last two blogs have been a bit heavy so I thought it was time to lighten things up and laugh more. Life has been pretty serious for the last two years and sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to laugh and lighten up. How do you begin to laugh more? It does

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