Five things I was reminded of at Open Day - Glasshouse Christian College

Five things I was reminded of at Open Day

  • May 23, 2024

Five things I was reminded of at Open Day

1. Our students are awesome

Every Open Day I am very proud of the incredible job our students do. Whether it be as official welcomers and helpers, tour guides, assistants at the various displays or performers they never fail to impress. This year, we also had our Fiji Mission Team run a car wash as a fundraiser. They went all day but raised 1500 dollars! Great job one and all. 

2. Our parents are awesome

Thank you to our wonderful P and F for manning the barbecue all day and all the volunteers who gave up their time to make Open Day fantastic for everyone. Many of the volunteers had also helped at both of our Athletics Carnival and our Mother’s Day Stall. You are champions!

Thanks also to all the parents and guardians who visited the College during the day to show their interest in their child’s learning or to enjoy their performances. You may not have any idea of the impact this is making on your child but be assured it is very positive. Thank you.

3. Our staff are awesome

Open Day is a lot of work for our staff who spend significant time preparing for the event. Our Property Team has been physically setting up all week and others have been planning the event for months. 

As you can imagine a day that magnitude of Open Day does not happen without everyone in our staff team doing their part. Everyone has a special role but unfortunately that often means they miss the fantastic student performances or have to resist the tantalising aromas from the food trucks on the  library lawn! I hope you were able to come and visit some of them at their different stations.  

4. Our past students (Alumni) are awesome

One of the highlights for me during Open Day is the opportunity to have a chat with our previous students. For the first time this year, we had an Alumni stand for former GCC students. We didn’t have many visitors, but we hope to build on it in the future. Now that the College is almost 25 years old, our students are out and about in the world making a difference and we want to celebrate their achievements. An Open Day Alumni stand is just the beginning of continuing the culture of legacy and learning. Looking forward, I hope we see many more alumni visit us on Open Day and stay in touch with us during the year.

Perhaps out of all the positive moments of the day, the one that gives me the most pleasure, is seeing our previous students, all grown up and wheeling their prams through to Sonya at the Enrolment Table. It is true that families can no longer expect to enrol their children without some kind of wait. However, planning just two or three years ahead will save a lot of disappointment. New families and existing families with younger siblings are strongly encouraged to enrol as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

A little bit of future planning goes a long way to securing a quality Christian education for your child or children.

5. God is good

In a year with unseasonal rainfall and torrential rain even on the day before Open Day, Saturday was about as perfect as it can get. What a beautiful day to spend outside under the sun enjoying everything Open Day had to offer!

I’m truly blessed by our incredible staff, amazing families, and the wonderful students who make our College shine. It warms my heart to see how our College is known for more than just academics. At GCC, children aren’t just taught; they’re nurtured in God’s love.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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