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Top Ten Tips for Tackling Term 4

  • October 12, 2023

Top Ten Tips for Tackling Term 4

Welcome to Term 4. Term 4 is a rollercoaster journey of events, activities, concerts, exams, assessments and stress. There are tears, tiredness and frustration – and that’s just from the staff! 

Term 4 is huge for many of our families and the more children you have, the more you are probably feeling the pressure. 

Term 4 holds our swimming carnivals, formals, dinners, Dance, Drama and Music Showcase nights, more camps, sports and presentation award ceremonies, graduations, Legacy Cup events, sports competitions, violin and music concerts, transition to Prep mornings, Middle School Experience Day, external exams, Day for Daniel, Primary Compassion Day, incursions and excursions, Christmas concerts and chapels, as well as the usual teaching and relationship building that happens every day.  

I might be two weeks late but here are my Top Ten Tips for Tackling Term 4.

1. “This too shall pass”

Apparently, this was Abraham Lincoln’s favourite saying. He thought it was applicable to any situation you could possibly encounter. Lincoln was known for his stamina and led America through one of its most difficult times without giving in. This was in the face of crippling personal depression. He acknowledged the pain but persevered knowing that, “this too shall pass”. Term 4 can be painful but it is the shortest term of the year and the frantic pace means we will actually get through it quickly. It won’t take long to pass. We are already a quarter of the way through it!

2. Keep it in perspective

Term 4 challenges are just a tiny fragment of our lives. Remember when you were at school and something happened that you thought was the end of the world but three days later you could laugh about it?  It’s challenging for our children who haven’t lived as long as we have because the tiniest problem can feel overwhelming but they will recover quickly. Acknowledge your children’s feelings but remind them that small problems can feel like big ones at their age and, “this too shall pass”.

3. Don’t panic

This advice is so famous it appears in many forms of pop culture from a Coldplay song to a catchphrase in Dad’s Army and the cover of a quirky book by Douglas Adams. It may sound trite but it is still good advice. Panicking never helps and tends to make things more chaotic and stressful. 

4. Don’t neglect healthy practices

When we are time-poor, the temptation will be to skip exercise routines and grab takeaway more often but this means our bodies will be in sub-par condition to deal with the extra demands that Term 4 brings. Be kind to your bodies during this time and don’t neglect nourishing them with good food and exercise. You will be surprised at the difference it makes.

5. Stick to routines

As best as you are able, stick to morning and afternoon routines and extracurricular commitments. Most importantly, don’t waver on bedtime routines. You will all need as much sleep as possible this term.

6. Stay hydrated

Never underestimate the power of good hydration. Term 4 becomes hot very quickly and the fast pace makes it easy to forget to drink water. A deficit of water leads to headaches, lethargy, lack of focus, and dull skin. Believe it or not, not drinking enough water can even lead to weight gain! Remind your children and yourself to keep up the fluids.

7. Be the parent

Your children may be tired, stressed and difficult during Term 4 so try and be extra responsible. The temptation will be to give in and also become tired, stressed and difficult but as parents, we have the responsibility to show patience, love and stability for our children. They look to us for guidance. If we are stressed, they will pick up on that but if they see that we aren’t worried, they will conclude that there is nothing to worry about and their stress will reduce. 

8. Check-in with each other

Our busyness sometimes blinds us to the emotional needs of our children. We are so caught up with their physical needs we can forget to take note of their invisible needs. Look for unused opportunities like a car journey or waiting with them for a sibling, to ask how they are feeling and coping with things. Even if they don’t open up, they will know that you care and will feel more important and less alone in the world. 

9. Have fun

I know the first eight points have focussed on the challenges Term 4 brings however, it is an exciting term when we celebrate the year’s learning and important milestones like graduations and awards ceremonies. Term 4 is where our students see the results of their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Besides exams and assignments, all of the activities and events are huge fun where our students can take pride in their work, cheer on their fellow classmates and let off steam. Savour the excitement, enjoy the events and have fun!

10. Adopt an attitude of gratitude

All of life is a precious gift from God and our response should be gratitude. While finishing well is important, it is more important to embrace the beauty of ordinary moments, reminding us of God’s goodness and grace. The Bible urges us to “rejoice always” (1 Thessalonians 5:16). Celebrations foster gratitude, unity, and joy, creating an atmosphere of love. Let’s cherish friendships, milestones, and everyday victories, finding reasons to celebrate God’s blessings each day. In gratitude, we discover joy. As we enter this season of celebration I pray that you will experience God’s love and joy. 

We are on the home stretch to finish well in 2023. Let’s keep it up!

Mike Curtis, Principal

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