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Sports Awards with a Special Guest

  • October 26, 2023

Sports Awards with a Special Guest

Last Tuesday we held our Upper Primary and Secondary Sports Awards which celebrates the outstanding achievements of our students in this area.

This year, we were incredibly honoured to welcome one of our esteemed graduates as our guest speaker. Holly Lubcke is a GCC graduate and was our Sports Captain in 2019. She achieved remarkable success in mountain biking during her time here and has continued to excel in the field. Holly competed at an elite level in various international mountain biking events, representing ARA Pro Racing Sunshine Coast at Cycle Sunshine Coast and proudly being part of the Australian under-23 team at the XCO World Championships. Her achievements inspire us all, and we’re privileged to have her share her journey with us.

More importantly, Holly is a lovely young lady of great character and we were proud to have her as our guest speaker for these events.

I wanted to use this opportunity to publicly acknowledge our award recipients and thank them for being such remarkable examples of sporting excellence at GCC. I was going to list all of the students who received an award however it ran to 12 pages so I’ll just have to mention the highlights. 

Secondary Sports Awards

The Sports Dedication Award: Olivia McKenzie
Middle School Sports Woman of the Year: Indigo Hetherington
Middle School Sportsman of the Year:  Cooper Maddrell
Senior School Sportswoman of the Year:  Emma Small
Senior School Sportsman of the Year: Joshua McKellar

Congratulations to Zion for taking out the Swimming House Award.
Congratulations to Sinai for taking out the Cross Country House Award.
Congratulations to Sinai for taking out the Athletics House Award.

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety here.

Primary Sports Awards

Sports Dedication Award: Hayley Wall 
Primary Sportswomen of the Year: Sophie Doyle 
Primary Sportsman of the year:  Ethan Doyle       

Congratulations to Sinai for taking out the Swimming House Award.
Congratulations to Zion for taking out the Cross Country House Award.
Congratulations to Zion for taking out the Athletics House Award.

GCC Families can see all the photos on Pixevety here.

Thanks to the Sports Captains

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional dedication and hard work of our Sports Captains. Their leadership on and off the field has propelled our students to remarkable achievements and inspired our entire College community. Their commitment, resilience, and sportsmanship have been truly commendable. 

Senior Sports Captains: Maddy Small and Jett Laing
Ararat Senior Sports Captains: Dean Stephenson and Adelie Tomokino
Sinai Senior Sports Captains: Joshua McKellar and Olivia McKenzie
Zion Senior Sports Captains: Tom Bound and Maddie Newsome

Primary Sports Captains: 
Ararat Primary Sports Captains: Charlie Turner and Sophie Doyle
Sinai Primary Sports Captains: Liam Wessels and Estah Muller
Zion Primary Sports Captains: Connor Boss and Madison Evans

Congratulations to our Senior 2024 Sports Captains:

Senior Sports Captains: Joshua Ramke and Indy Loveday
Ararat Senior Sports Captains: Thomas Quinn, Nikita Hazzard and Jessi James
Sinai Sports Captains: Ryan Hall and Sienna Paterson
Zion Sports Captains: Ruby Ciantar and Kahlia Burton

Primary Sports Captains for 2024 will be announced at a later date.

The Sports Awards are held to celebrate the superstars in all things sports but it’s crucial to remember that every single student who steps onto the field, court, track or into the pool and gives their best is a winner in our eyes. It’s not just about the medals and trophies; it’s about the effort, the passion, and the willingness to improve. Each one of our students contributes to the collective success of our College through their determination, commitment and willingness to have a go.

Our sports program is not just about creating skilled athletes; it’s about nurturing individuals who understand the power of cooperation, empathy, and shared goals. Through sports, we learn about resilience in the face of defeat and the joy of shared victories. These experiences are invaluable life lessons that extend far beyond the playground.

Our next big events are our Awards Presentation Assemblies in Primary, Middle and Senior School. These events focus on academic excellence but are also a time of celebrating those students who worked hard and improved as a result. By definition, not all students can be the best at everything but every student can give everything their best, and that is what I hope for each and every one. 

Mike Curtis, Principal

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