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Fostering Lifelong Connections: The Power of Alumni

  • April 24, 2024

Fostering Lifelong Connections: The Power of Alumni

The first graduating class of Glasshouse Christian College was in 2009. This means that we have now had almost 15 years of graduates which isn’t bad for a school that is only 24 years old!

Many of our recent graduates are still studying or just entering the workforce, others have already graduated and are fulfilling their goals in their dream jobs and careers. Some graduates are parents and it is one of my greatest delights to see children of our alumni enjoying the same quality education that their parents did at GCC, or GCCC, as it was known before 2016.

As a relatively young school, we are still building our Alumni network, but we’re excited to see our graduates flourish and stay connected with us as they journey through life. 

Embodiment of GCC Values

Alumni are more than just former students; they are ambassadors of our College’s values, traditions, and spirit. They carry with them lessons learned, friendships forged, and memories made during their time with us. Their choices are their own and we hope they continue to carry GCC G.R.E.A.T. core values of Godliness, Respect, Excellence, Attitude and Teachability into every aspect of their adult lives. 

A Living History

Our College’s legacy is not confined to the pages of history but is alive and thriving within each of our alumni. Together, we are stewards of our shared heritage, committed to preserving the traditions, values, and sense of belonging that define us. 

When our 2024 cohort graduates later this year, it is not the end of their time at GCC but the beginning of a new chapter where they carry a part of GCC with them. Our alumni create bridges that span generations, linking past, present, and future.

Celebrating Achievements and Milestones

Each success achieved by our alumni is a testament to their character, their families, the quality of education they received and the values instilled in them during their time with us. Whether it’s a groundbreaking discovery, a prestigious award, or a personal triumph, we take immense pride in celebrating their achievements and stories. These milestones serve as inspiration for our current students, demonstrating the rich journey ahead of them. 

We have been able to showcase a few of these achievements in our newsletters and on social media but would like to do much more. Our alumni have important stories that need to be shared and we would love the opportunity to encourage and support them in their journeys. For this reason, we are taking two new steps.

New Email Address

To better collect our alumni stories we have set up a new email address: and hope to hear from as many of them as possible. If you know a GCC graduate, please share this article and email address with them as we would love to hear from them.

Special Stand at GCC’s Open Day

There will be a special GCC Alumni stand at this year’s Open Day on Saturday 18 May between 10am and 2pm outside the library. We invite past students and graduates to visit the stand, hang out with friends they might not have seen for years and catch up with each other. There will be a TV screen with scrolling photos of their time at GCC and comfortable couches perfect for relaxing and chatting with friends. 

You can see a small sample of the photos (up to 2015) below but there will be many more added to the montage for Open Day.

A Lifelong Relationship: Lifelong Belonging

Celebrating ‘You Belong Week’ might be a new tradition at GCC but we want all of our students to feel like they belong here, even years and decades after they leave.  

It is wonderful when we have graduates return as guest speakers or join our staff team as teachers, teaching assistants, in Admin or IT. Did you know that almost 20 of our graduates have worked or are currently working at GCC and there are more than 30 who are Sports Coaches?

It was a joy to see so many alumni attend last year’s Open Day and we would love to see many more of them at our 2024 Open Day. 

Open Day 2024: Saturday 18 May 10am to 2pm

Over the last five years, our annual Open Day has become more about a celebration of our students for their families rather than attracting new families. It is still a perfect time to show off our campus and student achievements to new families so please invite your friends and family. It’s going to be a wonderful day showcasing our students’ talents and our beautiful grounds so I hope you make a day of it. 

In some ways, we have been a victim of our own success and have taken the drastic stand to close applications for Prep, Year 6 and Year 7 for 2025 because of the larger waiting pools. However, waiting pools for other year levels are much smaller so please encourage your friends to come to Open Day to learn more. The sooner enrolments are lodged, the better the opportunity for their children to begin their journey at GCC and enjoy the same quality education as our current students and alumni.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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