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What’s bigger than Tay Tay?

  • February 29, 2024

What’s bigger than Tay Tay?

Gone are the days when going to a concert was just about enjoying the music in a live format. These days it is a life experience that seems more like a worldwide fan club reunion.

If you have been living under a mushroom, you still probably know that Taylor Mania is here with the arrival of Taylor Swift in Australia. Even Vegemite got into the act of trying to attach itself to T-Swizzle’s popularity. 

I enjoy Tay’s music as much as any other dad with a teenage daughter but the extent of what her fans are willing to do to attend a concert or even “Taylor-gate” outside the venue, amazes me!

Belonging is bigger than Tay Tay

The passion of the Swiftie Nation had me thinking that maybe the fan base is a bigger phenomenon than the sequinned sell-out concerts, the music and even the musician (sorry, Tay). Maybe it’s the actual belonging to such a big group of like-minded people that is the real attraction? 

Before you shoot me down as being an anti-Swift (which I’m not), think about how we all like to belong to something bigger than ourselves. Clubs, organisations and groups across the world exist because we humans need a sense of belonging. 

Belonging begins at birth

Babies and children thrive when they have a sense of belonging in a family. Belonging fosters a safe space where children can express themselves, form relationships and learn social connections. 

A sense of belonging is also wonderful for mental and physical health. Studies show that people who feel connected to their families are less likely to engage in risky behaviours such as substance abuse, and are more likely to enjoy healthy lifestyle habits. 

Belonging at Glasshouse Christian College

It may not be as big as Swifties United but last week was You Belong week at the College. It was a week of celebrating that we all belong at GCC and, as per our newish tradition, we began with a welcome parade Monday morning. 

During the week we had Friendship Ninjas, Chuppa Chup Tuesday, Thankful Thursday and a whole gamut of themed art lessons, reading picnics and breaktime celebrations of belonging. The campus was fluttering with colourful signs celebrating belonging, friendship, kindness and community. 

Fostering a sense of belonging at school extends the safe space our students enjoy at home and provides a firm foundation of confidence and support that helps them reach their full potential. See all the photos HERE.

Belonging in the Community

GCC is proud to belong to the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland community. Highlights for our students are when they have the opportunity to visit and perform for local nursing homes, care centres and community events. Just last Saturday our Jazz Group performed at the Ginger Factory alongside illustrious performers like the Robyn Brown Quartet and Libor Smoldas.

For a community to thrive and grow strong it needs excellent leadership. Our Council elections on 16 March and I want to use this opportunity to include a shameless plug for Jenny Broderick, Division 1 Candidate for the Sunshine Coast. Jenny is a longstanding member of the community, a GCC parent of many years, a GCC Board Member and a lady of action and commitment. 

I’ve known Jenny personally for more than 16 years and can testify to her integrity, dedication to the community and heart for service. You can learn more about Jenny’s goals for the community here but she has my vote on 16 March. 

Belonging is God’s idea

We yearn to be part of something larger than ourselves, something that transcends even the fervour of a devoted fan-base like the Swiftie Nation. This longing for belonging runs deep within us for a purpose. It’s rooted in the fact that we are created in the image of a relational God, one who values community and connection. Throughout the Bible, this theme resonates strongly—highlighting the significance of belonging to God and fostering bonds with one another. 

We are coming up to Easter which is traditionally a time when people who don’t normally go to church, make the effort. You may feel like you don’t belong in church but let me encourage you to give it a go. Churches have changed a lot over the last couple of decades and I firmly believe you will be surprised and delighted by your experience. Don’t wait for Easter, find a local church this Sunday and enjoy a greater sense of belonging, learning more about God’s great love for us. 

Mike Curtis, Principal

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