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The Science Experience

  • February 29, 2024

The Science Experience

Recently two students attended The Science Experience at two different Universities, hear about their experience in their articles below:

The Science Experience at Griffith University

I was fortunate enough to attend the Science Experience at Griffith University and had an amazing experience. When I first arrived in the morning, I was apprehensive as I didn’t know anyone there. However, after building a pasta bridge with a random group of students, I had made new friends, and I began to really enjoy myself.

We participated in many different activities and lectures from different Professors. These included finding the optimum amount of blades to turn a wind turbine,
exploring Human Anatomy, and talking about the Psychology of our brains. However, the best activity was definitely feeding a python and wandering through Griffith’s Eco
Centre where classes are held. Overall, I had an amazing day and would encourage anyone who is interested in science to sign up next year!

Dominique McLaren, Year 11 Science Student

The Science Experience at QUT

The Science Experience was a very amazing day for me, I was fortunate enough to attend the QUT day, where we had amazing experiences. We learnt about the oscillating clock reaction, which is very interesting, as it stumped scientists for many years. My favourite part was getting to make slime while learning about the
reactions and bonds occurring between the PVA glue. Another favourite part was the Forensic Anthropology workshop, in which we learnt how we can use bones to identify relative age, gender, and cultural backgrounds.

Overall, this day was a great learning experience, as it prepared me for what University could be like in the future and I got a chance to get to know the QUT
campus. I made some great friendships there and learned a lot and am so grateful I was able to attend this amazing day.

Elizabeth Walters, Year 11 Science Student

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