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The Science Experience

Recently two students attended The Science Experience at two different Universities, hear about their experience in their articles below: The Science Experience at Griffith University I was fortunate enough to attend the Science Experience at Griffith University and had an amazing experience. When I first arrived in the morning, I was apprehensive as I didn’t […]

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Surf, Sun, and Success: Year 12’s Gold Coast Adventure Sets the Stage for an Epic Year Ahead!

Picture this: Year 12 – the pinnacle of high school life. But before diving headfirst into a whirlwind of exams, assignments, and the dreaded teachers’ glares, there’s one epic escapade awaiting: a Gold Coast getaway! Imagine waking up to the sun-kissed shores (when it wasn’t raining) of the Gold Coast, where the cool breeze whispers

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Developing the Leader in Your Child

This week, I had the extraordinary privilege of participating in a leadership retreat with the newly formed Senior Leadership Team. This retreat allowed us to set goals and explore various leadership techniques and group dynamics but also left me inspired by the exceptional young minds involved. Witnessing the enthusiasm and commitment of this new generation

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Harnessing Creative Potential: DeLorean Students Dive into Design Thinking

At Glasshouse Christian College, we believe in transforming education into a journey of discovery and innovation. This belief came to life spectacularly during this week’s Design Thinking workshop, facilitated by Inspired Education, for our DeLorean Project students. Our young innovators embarked on a mission to intertwine learning with real-world challenges, using the Sustainable Development Goals

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2023 Mystery Bus Tour

After the Year 12 formal on Friday 18 November, a brave group of staff members took 55 of our graduates on a mystery all-night bus tour. The College sees this as an excellent opportunity to finish the year well. I am incredibly proud to be associated with a school that is willing to subsidise a

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QUT Future You Summit

During the September school holidays, I had the opportunity to travel to QUT to attend the QUT Future You Summit program. This was a multiple-day event where I got the opportunity to attend University-like classes and lectures that gave me a taste of what to expect in the future. The classes I was allocated were

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How to Shape Teenagers into Compassionate, Caring People in an Age of Self-Centeredness

Are you sometimes stunned when your teenager takes privileges for granted, expects all their needs to be met but couldn’t care less about yours, or shows very little compassion to a sibling at a time when it is sorely needed? This experience can sometimes mortify parents who have tried their utmost to raise kind, compassionate

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Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators

DeLorean Project’s 2023 Shark Tank Event Ignites a Spark of Brilliance! In an electrifying showcase of young talent and innovation, Glasshouse Christian College’s DeLorean Project Shark Tank 2023 event was an unequivocal success. The event, part of the College’s visionary DeLorean Project program, saw students presenting ingenious solutions to real-world problems, engaging in the Lean

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Multicultural Luncheon

Year 10 Hospitality students recently showcased their culinary skills in the kitchen during a Multicultural Luncheon. The luncheon was exclusively prepared for guests handpicked by the students themselves. Dedicated and diligent, the students worked tirelessly to experiment with various recipes that represented their respective cultures. Through their meals, they skillfully demonstrated a delightful array of

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UQ Science Ambassadors 2023

A big congratulations to the following Year 11 Science students who will be representing the College as UQ Science Ambassadors 2023. Stean Wessels, Dominique Doolan, Lily Smith, Amyliah Harrison, Tiahna Davies, Keagan O’Flaherty, Maddie Bell, and Isabella Brewster. The aim of the UQ Science Ambassador Program is to raise the profile of science within the

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Year 10 News Update

It’s already Term 2, 2023, and our Year 10 cohort has been busy with a variety of pastoral care activities. At Glasshouse Christian College, we strongly believe in providing holistic education, which includes the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our students’ lives. One of the ways we focus on the social and emotional

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DeLorean Project in Full Swing

For those that aren’t aware of the DeLorean Project’s purpose, it’s to give our Year 10’s the opportunity to implicitly develop the enterprise skills that will be required for success in any career pathway. As you may or may not be aware, more and more employers are worrying less about employees being technically or academically

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Special Forces Rural Ops Aggies!

Super exciting news this fortnight as we start our Special Forces Rural Ops Aggies! So what is this you may ask? These are a unique team of highly efficient and committed Grade 11 and 12’s undertaking a Certificate II in Rural Operations in a partnership we have forged with the University of Queensland!  I can’t

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Year 11 Camp

The Year 11’s of 2023 started off their school year with a camp in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Students travelled to Thunderbird Park for a three-day camp on Mt. Tambourine. It was a great time for all – they braved the heights of the high ropes course, overcame the mud and dirt in the challenge

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