Year 11 Camp - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 11 Camp

  • February 16, 2023

Year 11 Camp

The Year 11’s of 2023 started off their school year with a camp in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Students travelled to Thunderbird Park for a three-day camp on Mt. Tambourine.

It was a great time for all – they braved the heights of the high ropes course, overcame the mud and dirt in the challenge course, proved their ingenuity in the raft-building race and showed their resilience and intelligence during the initiative games.

They also got to enjoy air-conditioned cabins and chill out down in the river where they were able to reconnect with each other, reflect on their holidays and prepare themselves mentally, emotionally and physically for their biggest challenge yet – completing Year 11.

What a great bunch of students we have in this grade – they made me extremely proud with their manners and respect for the staff and their kindness to each other. They also faced every challenge head-on – even when the power and water went out for a couple of hours.

Please continue to keep our Year 11’s in your thoughts and prayers – their potential is limitless!

James Follett, Year 11 YLC 2023

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