Year 11 Camp - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 11 Camp

  • March 27, 2013

Year 11 camp is done and dusted but will remain with the students for a long time to come. We climbed, carried, crossed, paddled, dragged and jumped all manner of obstacles across the three days at Emu Gully.

Students pulled a five tonne truck over a kilometer, carried a stretchered patient up steep hills, over walls and across creeks, and overcame a number of group challenges that had us teachers scratching our heads on more than a few occasions. They also found time for a dance competition, which I’m proud to say, was taken out by none other than Mr Doolan.

The most impressive thing about the camp, aside from a 30-meter long mud pit, was clearly the students. They did the College proud, gave their best and proved themselves to be ready for the role of senior students at GCCC. Each student who attended came away with a renewed respect for themselves and each other.

A big thanks to the amazing teachers that attended the camp, Natalie Woolston, Annaliese Bullock and Fenton Doolan the great staff at Emu Gully and the families of our Year 11 students, who got behind the camp and entrusted us with their ‘preciouses.’ for three awesome days.

Rob Maguire

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