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Special Forces Rural Ops Aggies!

  • March 16, 2023

Special Forces Rural Ops Aggies!

Super exciting news this fortnight as we start our Special Forces Rural Ops Aggies! So what is this you may ask? These are a unique team of highly efficient and committed Grade 11 and 12’s undertaking a Certificate II in Rural Operations in a partnership we have forged with the University of Queensland! 

I can’t fully express in words just how excited I am for these students, that after years of trying to get this program running, they now have made this a reality! 10 Agriculture students will have the amazing opportunity to study the theory and basic practical during the school term and then spend a couple of days each term down on UQ’s Gatton campus to undertake all the practical assessment tasks to obtain their Certificate II in Rural Operations….yet another accolade they can add to their resumes. This is not just an opportunity for the practical students, but an opportunity for those academic students wishing to check out UQ campus and become acquainted with the layout, making it less daunting when they take on future studies.

Students will be covering livestock management, machinery operation, safe chemical handling, and drone operations, just to name a few, and effectively helping them become invaluable potential employees to our rural community. We will be looking forward to keeping you posted on our progress!

Jade King, Teacher HOD Agriculture

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