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Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators

  • July 25, 2023

Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators

DeLorean Project’s 2023 Shark Tank Event Ignites a Spark of Brilliance!

In an electrifying showcase of young talent and innovation, Glasshouse Christian College’s DeLorean Project Shark Tank 2023 event was an unequivocal success. The event, part of the College’s visionary DeLorean Project program, saw students presenting ingenious solutions to real-world problems, engaging in the Lean Startup process of ‘Think, Create, Share’ – crafting an idea, prototyping it, and improving it based on feedback. With the aim of nurturing students’ confidence in communicating novel ideas, the two-day event focuses on improving communication skills, and therefore helps to bridge the significant skills gap that exists in today’s workforce, and especially prevalent amongst young employees.

A staggering 31 student teams stepped up to the plate, pitching their ideas in a riveting 5-minute presentation to a formidable panel of ‘Sharks’, followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. The stakes were high as each team vied for a $200 investment from the Sharks, based on the validity of the idea presented and the quality of the pitch. An impressive $3800 was offered in total investments from our Sharks to the students, with multiple Sharks offering additional and ongoing mentoring and further investment, including connections to their extended network for further support.

The Sharks, a diverse pool of professionals and industry leaders, brought a vast wealth of expertise to the event. These included:

  • Tiffany Bower – Sunshine Coast Council (Project Officer – Economic Development, Future Industries)
  • Tara Jacobsen – CoFounder of Groei Education (Regional Business Advocate & Social Capitalist)
  • Jordan Jossic – Marketing Specialist & Business Analyst for Christian Vision
  • Owen Bowling – CoFounder & CEO of Coach Welly (AI-powered Health Platforms)
  • Paul Prass – GM of Prass Consulting (Expert in Logistics & Strategy)
  • Angie Hammond- Director of Garnish Marketing & Business Advisory
  • Lachie Smart – GM of Smartline Medical (Keynote Speaker and World Record Pilot)
  • Ryan Hollis – Director of Everfocus (Sustainability Expert)
  • Luke Wightman – Co-Owner of Tommy Guns Franchises
  • Grace Wightman – Co-Owner of Tommy Guns Franchises
  • Neil Waldbaum – Founder of Deep Orange Designs (Industrial Designer & Product Developer
  • Colin Graham – Director of Causeway Innovation (Business Builder and Community Connector
  • Robyn Pulman – Director of Speak with Impact (Expert Communication Coach

Students astounded the audience and Sharks alike with their creative ideas, captivating presentation skills, and unwavering commitment to their task. Their resilience in the face of feedback, their willingness to iterate and improve their solutions, and their indomitable spirit encapsulate the core values of the DeLorean Project. The spectacular success of the 2023 Shark Tank event underscores the effectiveness of this approach in fostering creativity, resilience, and effective communication – skills that are essential in today’s fast-paced, dynamic world.

Here are additional photos from the day for you to enjoy! A HUGE thank you to our Sharks for donating their time to our program and a MASSIVE shout out to our DeLorean students. We couldn’t be more proud of what you have accomplished!!!

Click here for more photos

Rob Steffler, Dean of Studies

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