Camp Create: 3-day School Holiday Workshop - Glasshouse Christian College

Camp Create: 3-day School Holiday Workshop

  • March 11, 2024

Camp Create: 3-day School Holiday Workshop

Unlock your child’s creative potential at this 3-day school holiday workshop! Through fun, hands-on activities and guided exploration, young minds will delve into the realms of art, storytelling, and problem-solving. Spaces are limited to 50 participants.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Creative Thinking Development: Inspire innovation and problem-solving abilities through stimulating challenges and brainstorming sessions, fostering originality and adaptability.
  • Script writing and characterisation: Learn the fundamentals of creating compelling narratives, developing characters, and structuring plots to bring stories to life.
  • Drama skills: Delve into an immersive and engaging experience, equipping participants with valuable techniques for effective storytelling, character development, and stage presence.
  • Machine Building: Participants will build a solar robot that can move in various ways and directions. They will be able to take this home at the end of the 3-day workshop.

Workshop schedule:

Day 1 – Drama skills, character development, costume and set design
Day 2 – Creative thinking skills, script writing, machine building
Day 3 – 3-hour team Challenge combining newly developed skills and performances

Workshop Date, Location, and Cost:

Date: Monday 8 April to Wednesday 10 April, 2024
Time: 9am to 3pm
Location: University of Queensland, Innes Rooms, Student Union Building (21C)
Cost: $300

Register HERE by Friday 22 March, 2024. Spaces limited to 50 participants.
Meals not provided. Participants will need to bring morning tea and lunch each day.
Every participant will receive a 14-in-1 STEM Solar Robot Kit.

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