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Thirteen questions to ask at this year’s Open Day

  • May 12, 2023

Thirteen questions to ask at this year’s Open Day

I always find I gain more from an event if I know in advance what I want from it. Have you thought about what you want from this year’s Open Day? You might just want to visit your child’s classroom or see them perform however, Open Day is a perfect opportunity to ask questions about GCC and your child’s educational journey on a broader scale. 

Here are 13 questions that will help you get the most out of this year’s Open Day.

Primary School Families Questions

  • What subjects will my child be learning in Middle and Senior School?
  • How equipped are the specialist classrooms to deliver quality subjects?
  • What extracurricular activities are available?

GCC’s Open Day is the ideal opportunity for Primary families to tour the secondary classrooms, talk to the teachers about the subjects on offer and see the really cool equipment they will use when they grow older.

Middle and Senior School Families Questions

  • What career pathways are available?
  • How are students prepared for university?
  • How do apprenticeship programs fit in with Senior School?
  • What student support services are in place?

You can learn a lot by talking with the secondary teachers in their classrooms and all of our staff will be present on Open Day. However, we also have a special Future Pathways stand where you can learn more about career pathways. This year, the stand will be in the Junior Undercover Area. It will even have a photo booth where children can dress up in different career outfits and take a selfie. 

Our Heads of Middle and Senior School will be in the Hospitality Courtyard if you want to drop in to introduce yourself or ask more questions.

Student support services are in place organically across the College. Pastoral Care Teachers, Year Level Coordinators and five College Pastors provide holistic support to every student. Visit the Pastors’ Life House in H2 and H3 to find out more. 

New Families to GCC Questions

  • What is the Performing Arts program like at GCC?
  • What is the Sports Program like at GCC?
  • Is GCC a safe and nurturing place for my child?

You can gain a good idea of our Sports and Performing Arts programs by enjoying a concert in GPAC (Glasshouse Performing Arts Centre) or playing a game in the Sports Centre. The link to the Open Day Timed Performances in the Program is here so you can plan your day accordingly.

There is a community impression that it is too hard to enrol at GCC because we are full. While it is true that we do have waiting pools for several year levels, families often move out of the area and spaces become available quickly. To find out more please visit our Registrar Sonya Bowden in the Enrolment/Enquiries area in the Hospitality Courtyard. You might be joining GCC sooner than you thought. We have opened enrolments for Prep up to 2027 so you can never be too early!

The best way to feel if GCC is a good fit for your child is to visit the classrooms and school areas that your child will be using once they are enrolled, chat with the teachers and find out for yourself how well they will care for your child.

All Families Questions

  • What’s for lunch?

This is a great question and can be answered by visiting all the food trucks and outlets on the Library lawn. Choices include delicious doughnuts, calamari, chips, loaded cheesy fries, crunchy chicken, halloumi fries, sausage rolls, ice creams, wood-fired pizzas, icy cool slushies, hot coffee, sausages, hamburgers and much more! 

A snippet of what you can expect from this year’s Open Day can be found here and you can read all about it on our website here

I hope you will take the opportunity to attend our 2023 Open Day with these questions in mind. I’ll be in the Hospitality Courtyard on the day so please pop over and say hello or ask me one of your questions. 

Mike Curtis, Principal


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