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Year 6 Emu Gully Camp 2022

  • April 28, 2022

Year 6 Emu Gully Camp 2022

Instead of lining up outside their classrooms at the beginning of term, Year 6 set off on their annual camp to Emu Gully near Helidon. What a great way to start the term! Not knowing what to expect, they eagerly boarded the bus with a positive attitude and a sense of adventure.

With grit and determination they faced their fears and made it through some very challenging tasks. It was amazing how many of them pushed through activities that, at first, they didn’t think were possible. The activities were based on well-known historical war events such as the Bridge Over the River Kwai, crossing the Western Front, the Siege of Tobruk, escaping from Colditz Castle and, of course, the infamous ‘mud pit’ of the Kokoda Track. 

But it’s not just all about completing the activity. The Year 6 students learned many things about the importance of mateship when things are tough, how listening to other people’s ideas and working together can help solve problems, and how the wars of the past have contributed to the nation that we are today. We were all extremely proud of the way this group of young people represented our college while at camp and put a great effort into everything they did. It was a memorable and adventurous camp for all.

Enjoy reading some of their comments:

“We helped people when they were sad, or couldn’t do it, but we encouraged them to do it.” Sophie

“I learned that when you are working with someone it doesn’t matter who you work with as long as you get the job done.” Eadie

“I learned that planning is key. That is the main thing I learned from camp. If you don’t have planning everything will fail!” Jakob

“I liked doing the tunnel rats because we had to look after each other even though it was hard for ourselves.” Mary

“I found it challenging when we did our first activity, we weren’t used to working together so it started to become frustrating because no one was working together. It was all, ‘Let’s do it my way, nooo this way!’ But when camp finished we all knew how to work together.” Lailey

“I learned that it doesn’t matter who you help, whether it’s a boy, girl or teacher. I also learned that you have friends that you hang around with but you have mates as well. You have to put your mates before yourself and your mates aren’t your best friends but the people that wear the same uniform as you.” Zali

“This camp was amazing! The activities were really fun, especially the mud crawling. Having a refreshing swim in the dam and jumping off the diving boards just makes it all better. Most importantly though, we learned to work as a team, and will hopefully use this in the future.” Oliver

“Other than wading through the mud the best part of camp was jumping off the top of the tower into the dam. Camp taught us the stories of soldiers in war as well as showing us how to communicate and work as a team. So far this has been my favourite camp.” Indigo

“Can we have more rat tunnels next camp please?” Amy

Belinda McWilliam, Year 6 Team Leader

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety here.

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