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FUSE Clash of Empires

  • April 28, 2022

FUSE Clash of Empires

Year 7 students’ FUSE Clash of Empires unit had an extremely competitive end to Term 1 with some very heated formal debates about which empire, Ancient China or Ancient Rome, would have come out on top if they had ever clashed.

Each victorious debating team received either a jade jewel, representing China, or an iron jewel, representing Rome. The empire crowned victorious by receiving the most jewels would have their empire celebrated on the last day of the term with some of its daily diet and culture.

Ancient Rome advocates used their research and persuasive essays developed throughout the term to expound Rome’s excellent military prowess, government systems and living standards of its citizens, while advocates of Ancient China highlighted its important inventions and peace-promoting religions.

After all the (almost) blood, sweat and tears, the clash was declared a draw with 13 jewels apiece!

Year 7 students were thus able to enjoy sampling some of the daily food of both ancient empires, including ancient noodle and pasta dishes, breads, preserved fruit and vegetables, and fermented drinks.

A draw wouldn’t do, however. 

To determine a final winner, Ancient Rome and Ancient China were pitted against each other in sudden death ‘battles.’ The battle tested balance and strength using “iron and jade” noodles.

After the last battle, the winning empire became clear – Ancient Rome!

Larry McKeown, Year 7 Coordinator

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